Monday, August 30, 2010

THE Raynasauraus Gathering 2010

Thanks to Jane!!! We, the Raynasaurauses FINALLY had the gathering we were all hoping for :D.

Yes, I have developed a special afinity for Esprit mannequins since that day :p

Will miss all you lovelyehh people terribly. Looking forward to next year! Love ya'll much.

Group pic!

We took a pic in esprit while waiting for Mr. Raymond to choose his T-shirts!

And guess what we did? Raymond's epic idea :D
The Tuesday Group!

Oh happy times :]


Anonymous said...

WOW 12:52 AM? Well, I probably was tossing around in bed at that time. We'll see you next year missy…

Eliz said...

Hmmm...Qbay? ;P

Btw, I heard that Sherlock Holmes 2 is set to release 16th Dec 2011 :(

T_T So we don't have a chance of watching it togetherrr....

Oh, well...praying that you have a safe trip to the US! See you next year, Stephie! ^_~

Eliz said...

(- -)
(> <) *tuzkisubwishesuhpybday*

Cheers! ^_^

Stephie said...

Haha...yeah. 12.52 AM. I couldn't sleep >.<

Eliz: We went to Gurney! :D

oh nooooo. nevermind. some other movie then :p

Thanks fo your prayers! We'll need them! See you soon, sweetie! And thanks for the birthday wish