Saturday, May 31, 2008

When we've nothing better to do

Here's a bunch of nonsense MX and I made up during the stewardship meeting a few months ago. I know! We should have paid's so much more fun stringing words together!!!! Hope you will enjoy it, though the ending is a little weird and abrupt - the stewardship meeting was going to be over :)

The green is by me and the purple is by MX. Enjoy! :D

Evidence of Spontaneity
by Stephie and MX

One fine day, Mei-Xian was walking out of the church door. She accidentally bumped into Jonathan, as she was carry a huge stack of books piled so high that she was not able to see where she was going. Unfortunately, Eugene was there. A maliciously mischievous smile began to spread across his face.

Despite the presence of Eugene, Mei-Xian decided to ignore him anyway. She set down her gigantically enormous pile of books and looked into the impish face of Eugene. A capricious yet sly smile slowly replaced her previously dismayed look.

Eugene was thus not to be sidetracked. He whispered into Jonathan’s ear. Whatever he said, is not to be concerned. Jonathan, however, began to look around wildly. He inadvertently knocked Mei-Xian’s books down in a couple of wild swings.

“Fiddlesticks!” yelled Mei-Xian. “I have NEVER seen such a difficult boy! What did you whisper to him?! You have just influenced him to move in perpetual motion!”

Mei-Xian was at the very point of yanking Eugene’s hair as well as her own. It was during this inauspicious moment that Sensible Stephie and Atrocious Art came by.

Sensible Stephie and Atrocious Art were shocked and petrified beyond explanation so much so that they were held spellbound for several seconds.

“Oh my goodness!” cried Little Miss Sensible Stephie, obviously appalled at the spectacle. “Let me help you!”

She and Atrocious Art began to pick up the books quickly. Angered, Sensible Stephie began to shower a torrent of verbal abuse onto Eugene and Jonathan.

Poor Jonathan, shocked beyond measure at the appalling turn out of events, began to apologize continuously, reiterating his humble plea for forgiveness. Eugene, not shocked, but horribly disgusted, sought for another way to approach the speechless Mei-Xian, and the petulant Stephie. He still had a tiny spark of spunk and determination in him, and made use of his ever-present, surprisingly annoying persistence to the utmost. He began to taunt Mei-Xian about how Atrocious Art, being atrocious, was so obliging in picking up the books for Mei-Xian.

“EUGENE!” screamed Mei-Xian, wondering whether sanity had left her. “What a holy terror you’re turning out to be!!!”

“Indeed I am!” smirked Eugene incredulously.

“I can’t believe you actually had the guts to say that.” yelled Art rather jokingly. Mei-Xian rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Just then Iise sauntered coolly into the scene, much to the surprise of Mei-Xian and to the disbelief of Eugene.

After listening to the whys and wherefores thereof, Iise said, “Looky here, Mei-Xian and Eugene,” while assuming the air of a peacemaker. “Eugene, it was very wrong of you to provoke Mei-Xian so. There is a limit to everything, and you have just caused Mei-Xian’s cup of bitterness to overflow.”

“Yes Mei-Xian,” agreed Art. “He is still learning how to be a young gentleman. Please do be patient with him.”

Mei-Xian finally agreed.

Eugene, however, was pleased by the attention he was receiving from the several parties. He grinned ‘innocently’ at Mei-Xian.

“Oh balderdash!” cried Mei-Xian, disgusted. “My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes and aspirations ever since the day I met that little shrimp.” She sat down exhausted.

Suddenly, Iise exclaimed, “Where’s Jonathan?”

Mei-Xian, shocked, gasped, “Eugene, you little pipsqueak! What did you do with Jonathan?!” in mock anger. Eugene, innocently terrified, groped for an answer.

“Er…erm. I can’t rightfully say here. All of us were so caught up in that chaos, that we have lost track of him. Let’s look for him,” he suggested.
“Excuses, excuses,” mumbled Stephie, who detested vagueness of any sort.

“Stop putting pressure on me!” Eugene whined pitifully. “You all have already cast a dark cloud across my short, miserable life. For goodness sake, let me think clearly.”

Finally, Art spotted Jonathan sitting in a corner, mourning for the many sins and blunders he had committed.

“Jonathan!” cried Art. “What are you doing here?!”

“Iise is missing! I’ve kidnapped him just now and I feel excessively guilty!” sobbed Jonathan.

Mei-Xian, Stephie, and Eugene raised their eyebrows questioningly.

“Don’t just stand there! Search for my little bro!” Art looked at everyone.

Everyone searched high and low. Eugene and Mei-Xian happened to walk by the huge, green trash cans. Suddenly, Iise sprang out of the trash can like a jack-in-the-box.

“IISE!!!” Eugene shouted. “What are you doing inside there?!”

Mei-Xian was too shocked to say anything.

“Nothing,” Iise said coolly. “I just wanted to create a sensation. HAHAHA! *laughs maniacally*

“You worm,” Art chided.

“But I just love to create a sensation!” Iise protested.

“Yeah! It gives you such a pleasant thrill,” Eugene added.

“Well, you just have to do without THAT kind of thrill,” Admonished Stephie glibly.

“Aw come on guys,” Iise pouted. “Aren’t you guys for any fun? Don’t you guys have any sense of humor?”

Unexpectantly, Jonathan fainted and appeared to be dazed. Everyone was horrified.

“Jonathan! Jonathan!” Eugene shouted, shaking him. “Are you ok? Wake up!”

“I’ll call for an ambulance,” offered Stephie.

I’ll never be able to live this down if he doesn’t resurrect of something!” moaned Iise.

In the middle of all the chaos and lamenting, Jonathan suddenly revived and began hugging Iise profusely in a big warm fuzzy bear hug.

“Help! Help! I’m being suffocated alive!” cried a terrified and bewildered Iise.

“That’s just what I wanted to hear! All this while, I thought you hated me!” said Jonathan joyfully.

Unable to stifle it any longer, Eugene let out a big hearty guffaw.

“Why, you nincompoop! How dare you….” Iise shouted as he chased Eugene through the streets and alleys.

“I think we want to catch a little rest.” chorused Mei-Xian, Steph, and Art.

“This has been too taxing for my nerves.” added Art. “I don’t want to suffer from a nervous breakdown, or raise my blood pressure.”

“Don’t be a goose, silly….” laughed Steph.

“We’re only teenagers,” said Mei-Xian.

“Goosies yourselves…” mumbled Art…


BoUnDiNg Ov3rWaTcH said...

isit dat necessary 4 every1 2 speak in such a poetic tone?!?! haha...
abit TOO poetic n flowery, not exactly my type, nonetheless, well written. Kudos, ladies...haha

bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

Are you sure you had nothing better to do?
Heh. Just kidding :D

bounding ov3rwatch is right, though.
No one talks like that in the real world :P
Or do they? (o_0)

Anonymous said...

STEPH!!!!!!!!!!! did u really post that?! well it's on mine too haha
sorry Chawin about that poetic-ness. we were having fun adding some flare into it :) that's the whole point anyway...we were killing time while some speaker was droning on :P

Anonymous said...

Strange story.