Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tick tick tick

It's just a few minutes away before 2008 will become 2009.

Current mood: excited, hopeful, confident, unsure.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I found this very, very interesting ad in the last issue of the TIMES magazine.


Isn't it high time someone got negative about negativity?
Yes it is.
Look around. The world is full of things that, according to nay-sayers, should never have happened.
And yet "yes."
Yes, continents have been found.
Yes, men have played golf on the moon.
Yes, straw is being turned into bio fuel to power cars.
Yes, yes, yes.
What does it take to turn no into yes?
Curiosity. An open mind. A willingness to take risks.
And, when the problem seems most insoluble, when the challenge is hardest, when everyone, else is shaking their heads, to say: let's go.

Very, very, insightful. mmhmm :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


PEOPLE!!! I am officially FREE for the year!!! Apart from the KL concert, Youth Christmas Concert, PESSOC music camp and concert, and cousin's wedding. Uh okayyy...not quite free. *shrugs*

Anyway, amidst all the busyness - a few highlights:

1. ATCL is done!!! It went pretty well :)
2. I got my driving license! *leaps for joy*
3. ENGL200 is gonna be over in a mere week. *woots*
4. KL tomorrow!
5. I love reading the books I am reading now. haha.

"And Then There Were none" by Agatha Christie was awesome. Go read that when you get a chance. Oh, and READ Janette Oke's "Love Comes Softly" series. Please Eliz, go try it. lol.

Elizabeth (bunnyemoticonmaniac) - Yes dear, Hui Ern looks like that. Doesn't she always? You probably haven't seen her in ages. haha. And I do agree with you. SAT essays do serve a purpose. After all, it's in the SAT :).

MX - When will school be over for you?! I have plans, oh yes I do. LOL.

Yknow, we should go out one of these days. We can have lunch or something. Ahh....Sam, Melissa, Aaron, and Eugene do come too. It'll be fun!

This post is pretty long as compared to the other measly ones I've been posting up. So, 11 more posts huh, Eliz? I'll consider that. *mentally squeezing 11 posts in my track record*

And talking about that US standardized tests, read this:

As for now...

*buries nose in to Richard Pecks' "A long Way from Chicago"*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

learning to breathe

Ok. So seriously, don't update this very often. My bad :p

So much has been going on lately I don't know where to start. Let me summarize by just stating what's mainly on my mind right now:

Yeah, gonna do the ATCL. I need help from ABOVE.
"Call unto me, and I will answer thee; and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3
I'll update this after. Lot's to tell. Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You know, I logged in to Blogger with the purpose of refuting Eliz's inference. *you post once every two months?!* Awww, I'll try to post more, OK? :D

So anyway...

bunnyemoticonmaniac - Yes, MX does have a blog. She usually posts poems, stories, and quotes on her page. You can check it out at

Orchestra was wonderful yesterday! Suprisingly, more people turned up, or so it seemed. I hope I can go for music camp this year. Let's hope it doesn't clash with the KL concert :)

I just read an article from The New York Times about SAT essays (it's a link from Wikipedia). Read it here. Shocking, isn't it?

To end my post on a high note: Basketball tomorrow!!!

Life is good :)

Monday, September 8, 2008


HI PEOPLE! Okayyy, since I haven't blogged for uh...months, I DO have a lot to tell.

So, to summarize what I did the last few months:

1. Singapore, which actually means..
2. KINOKUNIYA! and Cone Pizza! (such a thing does exist), and Durian Pancake (it suprisingly tasted good...but not before all the disparaging looks I gave before I tried it. lol), and the Eye of Singapore! and the taxis!
3. SAT prep
4. Piano dip prep
5. Program notes *ugh*...which means...
6. Research

There should be more, but I can't remember. Haha.

Now, for the next few months:

1. Piano dip exam
2. Telos ENGL200
3. Research paper on Euthanasia
4. Flute masterclass
5. Youth Christmas program
6. Chrismas program with PAH at Berjaya
7. Some charity concert in KL

Oh, and there's this super silly story MX, Aaron, Eugene, and me took turns writing the other day. I'll post it up if it's still with MX.

As for now..cheers! :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


My flute exam results are out!!! Talk about luck.'s not luck. I call it Providential. I got a distinction!!! Scraped it...literally. I so happy and thankful. Really thank Alan and Soon Pin for helping me. Not to mention my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Sinaga, Auntie Sharon.....etc. Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers.

At least I feel confident to play the flute again. You (some of you) know what I mean.

Well, I off.

There's PIZZA! lol.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

When we've nothing better to do

Here's a bunch of nonsense MX and I made up during the stewardship meeting a few months ago. I know! We should have paid's so much more fun stringing words together!!!! Hope you will enjoy it, though the ending is a little weird and abrupt - the stewardship meeting was going to be over :)

The green is by me and the purple is by MX. Enjoy! :D

Evidence of Spontaneity
by Stephie and MX

One fine day, Mei-Xian was walking out of the church door. She accidentally bumped into Jonathan, as she was carry a huge stack of books piled so high that she was not able to see where she was going. Unfortunately, Eugene was there. A maliciously mischievous smile began to spread across his face.

Despite the presence of Eugene, Mei-Xian decided to ignore him anyway. She set down her gigantically enormous pile of books and looked into the impish face of Eugene. A capricious yet sly smile slowly replaced her previously dismayed look.

Eugene was thus not to be sidetracked. He whispered into Jonathan’s ear. Whatever he said, is not to be concerned. Jonathan, however, began to look around wildly. He inadvertently knocked Mei-Xian’s books down in a couple of wild swings.

“Fiddlesticks!” yelled Mei-Xian. “I have NEVER seen such a difficult boy! What did you whisper to him?! You have just influenced him to move in perpetual motion!”

Mei-Xian was at the very point of yanking Eugene’s hair as well as her own. It was during this inauspicious moment that Sensible Stephie and Atrocious Art came by.

Sensible Stephie and Atrocious Art were shocked and petrified beyond explanation so much so that they were held spellbound for several seconds.

“Oh my goodness!” cried Little Miss Sensible Stephie, obviously appalled at the spectacle. “Let me help you!”

She and Atrocious Art began to pick up the books quickly. Angered, Sensible Stephie began to shower a torrent of verbal abuse onto Eugene and Jonathan.

Poor Jonathan, shocked beyond measure at the appalling turn out of events, began to apologize continuously, reiterating his humble plea for forgiveness. Eugene, not shocked, but horribly disgusted, sought for another way to approach the speechless Mei-Xian, and the petulant Stephie. He still had a tiny spark of spunk and determination in him, and made use of his ever-present, surprisingly annoying persistence to the utmost. He began to taunt Mei-Xian about how Atrocious Art, being atrocious, was so obliging in picking up the books for Mei-Xian.

“EUGENE!” screamed Mei-Xian, wondering whether sanity had left her. “What a holy terror you’re turning out to be!!!”

“Indeed I am!” smirked Eugene incredulously.

“I can’t believe you actually had the guts to say that.” yelled Art rather jokingly. Mei-Xian rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Just then Iise sauntered coolly into the scene, much to the surprise of Mei-Xian and to the disbelief of Eugene.

After listening to the whys and wherefores thereof, Iise said, “Looky here, Mei-Xian and Eugene,” while assuming the air of a peacemaker. “Eugene, it was very wrong of you to provoke Mei-Xian so. There is a limit to everything, and you have just caused Mei-Xian’s cup of bitterness to overflow.”

“Yes Mei-Xian,” agreed Art. “He is still learning how to be a young gentleman. Please do be patient with him.”

Mei-Xian finally agreed.

Eugene, however, was pleased by the attention he was receiving from the several parties. He grinned ‘innocently’ at Mei-Xian.

“Oh balderdash!” cried Mei-Xian, disgusted. “My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes and aspirations ever since the day I met that little shrimp.” She sat down exhausted.

Suddenly, Iise exclaimed, “Where’s Jonathan?”

Mei-Xian, shocked, gasped, “Eugene, you little pipsqueak! What did you do with Jonathan?!” in mock anger. Eugene, innocently terrified, groped for an answer.

“Er…erm. I can’t rightfully say here. All of us were so caught up in that chaos, that we have lost track of him. Let’s look for him,” he suggested.
“Excuses, excuses,” mumbled Stephie, who detested vagueness of any sort.

“Stop putting pressure on me!” Eugene whined pitifully. “You all have already cast a dark cloud across my short, miserable life. For goodness sake, let me think clearly.”

Finally, Art spotted Jonathan sitting in a corner, mourning for the many sins and blunders he had committed.

“Jonathan!” cried Art. “What are you doing here?!”

“Iise is missing! I’ve kidnapped him just now and I feel excessively guilty!” sobbed Jonathan.

Mei-Xian, Stephie, and Eugene raised their eyebrows questioningly.

“Don’t just stand there! Search for my little bro!” Art looked at everyone.

Everyone searched high and low. Eugene and Mei-Xian happened to walk by the huge, green trash cans. Suddenly, Iise sprang out of the trash can like a jack-in-the-box.

“IISE!!!” Eugene shouted. “What are you doing inside there?!”

Mei-Xian was too shocked to say anything.

“Nothing,” Iise said coolly. “I just wanted to create a sensation. HAHAHA! *laughs maniacally*

“You worm,” Art chided.

“But I just love to create a sensation!” Iise protested.

“Yeah! It gives you such a pleasant thrill,” Eugene added.

“Well, you just have to do without THAT kind of thrill,” Admonished Stephie glibly.

“Aw come on guys,” Iise pouted. “Aren’t you guys for any fun? Don’t you guys have any sense of humor?”

Unexpectantly, Jonathan fainted and appeared to be dazed. Everyone was horrified.

“Jonathan! Jonathan!” Eugene shouted, shaking him. “Are you ok? Wake up!”

“I’ll call for an ambulance,” offered Stephie.

I’ll never be able to live this down if he doesn’t resurrect of something!” moaned Iise.

In the middle of all the chaos and lamenting, Jonathan suddenly revived and began hugging Iise profusely in a big warm fuzzy bear hug.

“Help! Help! I’m being suffocated alive!” cried a terrified and bewildered Iise.

“That’s just what I wanted to hear! All this while, I thought you hated me!” said Jonathan joyfully.

Unable to stifle it any longer, Eugene let out a big hearty guffaw.

“Why, you nincompoop! How dare you….” Iise shouted as he chased Eugene through the streets and alleys.

“I think we want to catch a little rest.” chorused Mei-Xian, Steph, and Art.

“This has been too taxing for my nerves.” added Art. “I don’t want to suffer from a nervous breakdown, or raise my blood pressure.”

“Don’t be a goose, silly….” laughed Steph.

“We’re only teenagers,” said Mei-Xian.

“Goosies yourselves…” mumbled Art…

Friday, May 30, 2008

Thanks be to God

I can now breathe. My flute exam is OVER. You....all of you seriously will not be able to comprehend my relief. I was frightfully scared before and during the exam. C'mon....don't blame me. It's my first flute exam...grade 7 in 4 months. *shudders*

So yeah, it was really grueling, especially during the exam week. I think I did ok, though I did screw up on the third piece....bad. Oh well, my sight reading and aural (aural!!!) should hopefully pull my score up. Lol...

And now....I'm just waiting.....waiting for the results. *sigh* Raymond said that the results will be out on Monday. That's quick, ain't it? :p

I really give God all the credit for helping me get through the exam :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Catch, Keep, Freeze

If at first you don't succeed, try...TRY again.
Mar 8, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Talk about luck

Guess what. I thought that my flute exam was going to be in August. Turns out that it's gonna be in May *diiies*. I didn't know!!! Now March is creeping in and I'm anything but prepared. I've hardly started except for here and there.

So great....I really gotta cram. byeeee...

*rushes off*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yeah right, Steph

Empty promises, that's what I'm made of. *See previous post*. Sorry guys, it's either that I'm too busy to bother about blogging, or I'm just plain lazy. OR, I'm just pushing my already masterful art of procrastination to an even higher level ;)

Anyway, a lot has been happening in the past few weeks, during my absence of blogging. here's basically everything:

1. Chinese New Year

2. Valentine's

3. Raymond's seriously-awesome classes!

4. Flute shock (I'll elucidate in another post) :D

5. Appointment with Mr. Earl Case

6. Oh Oh! 'Something' we did during the stewardship meeting this afternoon. I'll post it up once I edit it. lol..*rubs hands gleefully*

Did I miss anything? I hope not. Maybe...just maybe I'll decide to post everything I listed here in separate posts. Owh. That makes SIX new posts! Expect them coming! One by one, I assure you. lol.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ok Ok...

I'll Blog Tomorrow :)
Or, the day after. Gotta see how it goes...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Louisa May Alcott -

The Astute. The Magnificent. The Veritable. Yes, all that and more :)

I've just finished reading Rose in Bloom, which is, delightfully, what I have always longed to get my hands on. Louisa May Alcott is also the author of Little Women, Little Men and a few other beloved classics which I have simply adored since grade/middle school.

Rose in Bloom is a sequel to Eight Cousins, and was written in 1876. An outrageous period piece, a glowing testament to goodness and sweetness winning out over all odds. Wonderfully written, and the characters so lifelike that I feel as if I should really meet them somewhere. Read this book for the marvelous picture it paints of family life and social customs. Lastly, read it for the advice Rose’s uncle gives her, especially when she's immersed in the pages of a French novel.

A truly amazing book, that which has left an indelible impact on my life. I've learned lots from it, and I want to learn more :)

*slips back into sweet reflection*

Thursday, January 3, 2008

As I have promised...

BEHOLD: here, are my resolutions. I was debating on whether or not to post them up here. And so, before you is what I have already (finally!) decided on. Keep me in check: all of you.

1. Place GOD 1st. in every aspect of my life.

2. Develop an intimate relationship with the Lord.

3. Throw myself into my studies, music, etc. etc. (Basically being ardent in 'most everything)

4. Be able to visualize what I want to accomplish, instead of wandering around aimlessly as I am prone to sometimes. Focus. Discipline.

5. Be the best daughter, sis, friend, student, server, and servant- leader I can ever be.

6. Make this year a year worth living for. The Year of Stephie.

7. Finally, face the year with intrepid determination.

Never settle for less once you've seen the best :D

And sooo, that's 'bout it. Catcha later, people! All the best with your resolutions....naturally. Haha!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

*drum roll*...

Have a blast, everybody! Happy 2008!
I'll, up my resolutions...later :)
Sigh, procrastination has got the better of me.
haha! *grins*