Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Genesis of a Genius.

Is there even such a thing? Or are some people just innately genius?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I gotta get hold of the sheet music somehow. V. Gryaznov has become my new obsession.

I fell.

Hey guys. This long overdue post is mainly my replies to all you faithful blog followers and your comments. So much for my resolution to NOT procrastinate. Sighhh.

On "Wheeeheeee!!!!!!"

@Michael K - I actually am having fun...up until now :/

@Eliz - Dear dear eliz. You actually waded through my archive to find out those numbers that I never realized existed? LOL. appreciated <3.

Writing legible Globish? I support you.

A couple of random resolutions that are kinda sticking out in my gray matter as of now:

1. Learn another language.
2. Play Bach/Busoni's Chaconne in D minor.
3. Arrive in M'sia in one piece

@Anonymous - THAT. will also be another of my resolutions. Thank you!