Sunday, November 28, 2010

After the fun...

...come finals.


I had the most fun I ever had in a longgg while. Thank goodness I was able to travel to my aunt's place for thanksgiving! Well needed break, yummy food, intense shopping, great deals, etc. I barely opened my gchem textbook or studied for my other subjects. or practiced.

So now I'm hoping I'm not in deep trouble. Finals come in a week.

Lots of studying ahead :/.


On a completely different note, I still feel that I take ages to write essays. Or anything, in general. Writing never came easily to me. I grow wistful whenever I read a beautifully written piece or ruminate over throught-provoking blog post. Words come so easily to those authors!

like breathing.

I'd then head over to my blog, my mind bursting with all the lovely, worded, gems that inspired my soul and spoke to my heart. The moment I click on "New Post," my mind goes blank. As expected. What shall I write to the world that will clearly mirror my thoughts? What can I pen down that will capture and stir others?

I do not, ever, want to become a writer that sticks pretty phrases around. It needs to be natural. However, I certainly can use a little more imagination.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So it was Career Day at PUC, and as the name explains, it's supposed to HELP you decide your career path. Instead, I'm now torn between two (I've always been torn between two). Music and Medicine. The two big Ms in my life. Also the two big Ms that have been giving me a lot of unsettling thoughts lately.

I talked to the person in charge of music. She told me that I had one problem - too good at too any things. psssh! THAT is so not true! And coming from a soprano in San Francisco Conservatory. Hahaha.

So anyway, I talked to an ER doctor, an X-Ray technician, and a Physical Therapist. ER doctor - big mistake. I was again swamped by the idea of doing BOTH medicine and music, which is, essentially, impossible.

In the end, I won a PUC t-shirt for talking to so many career advisors.


The t-shirt was pretty :]