Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just before take off...

Hey people! I'll be off to Korea for the week. Have fun during Chinese New Year! Will update when I get back :)

I'M GONNA SKI!!!!!!!! :D

I know. I have not been blogging solid stuff for ages. That's a perturbing thought. Sigh :(

Sunday, January 18, 2009


And I had no idea UNO could be so fun.

Anyways, the usual Saturday night group (Looi family, Koh family, Wah family, Shee family) ate out at Evergreen after vespers. Since Jasmine was around, we decided do something after. Turned out that the adults had the same idea as well. In the end, we went to our house; the dads watched football, and the women......talked. Per usual. AND.....the kids played TEAM UNO!!!!!!!! XD. I love that game. Darell, me, Eugene, Mei Xian, Jasmine, Eddy, Iise, and Aunty Sue were playing. The game got a lil crazy. I bet we screamed the house down. LoL.
Link, we'll play Team UNO during the next homschool meeting ok? WE MUST.
Have a great week ahead, ya'll! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Whoohoo! MX is currently at my place now. Aaron will be coming later. Gonna play board games.

*signs off*

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh joy

Raymond: Are you sure you wanna do all that?!

Me: Mmhmm!

Haha. I had my first piano lesson of Year 2009 on Tuesday, and Raymond was suggesting possible pieces I could do for my LTCL. He was suggesting I do the Prelude Op. 23, No. 5 by Rachmaninoff, Sonata No. 62 by Haydn, and a 20th Century piece by Alberto E. Ginastera. Well, I did mention that I wanted to do that Haydn Sonata last year :).

So anyway, I got all excited and one thing led to another. I ended up bringing home seven pieces to *learn*. I'm probably gonna learn all of them and then decide on those I want to play for the exam. Whee...

I really wanted to learn Fantasie Impromtu by Chopin but it was in the ATCL syllabus. AND I DIDN'T KNOW! Gah. Oh well, I'll learn it in my "free" time. LoL.

Oh yes I'm gonna have fun.

**MX - Happy New Year Sweetie! Blog more often! Egh, I definitely sound hypocritical.

Prophet S - Haha. THAT would be perfect in your list. IMHO, you should really get a blog ;). muahaha..

Hui Ern - I saw the link to *your* blog somewhere. Can't remember. Btw, is your class blog banana themed? haha!

Adelyn - Hey! How did you get my blog link? Yeah I'm planning to study in the US. Gonna take my SAT this June, I think :). What about you?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

YEAR 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's the YEAR 2009. As yes, it's gonna be an awesome one. I have so many plans and resolutions, I won't have time to list down every single one I've SO many aspirations, so much I learned last year that I want to improve and go on and on and on. Learning, growing, maturing, thinking, dreaming, analyzing - the whole deal.

For 2009...

1. Have a personal relationship with God.
2. Study the Bible deeply.
3. Memorize and meditate on God's word.
4. Draw applications and analogies from EVEYTHING I learned.
6. In-depth learning.
7. Read quality material
8. Read widely
9. Work on public speaking
10. PREPARE for the SAT.
11. Review and STUDY the sciences.
12. Do math and more math
13. Write at least 3 essays per week.
14. Learn to conduct.
15. Practice music...HARD.
16. Study, study, study.
17. Learn home skills from Mom :)
19. Learn piano improvisation.
20.Look into colleges and finish college applications and requirements.
21. Sleep by 10:30pm and rise by 6:00 am or earlier.
22. Study and read on history and geography
23. Travel
24. Watch Discovery, National Geographc, History Channels etc...

Phew. That was really jumbled up. I should make categorized lists of the things I wanna do for Church, Music, School, Travel..etc.

Well! 2008 is over. 2009 is here. Fresh, clean, untainted. I don't know that this year holds for me, but I do know that God will be with me every step of the way. YEAR 2009....BRING IT ON!

Now, 2009 smells of freshly cut grass. Mm..