Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tick tick tick

It's just a few minutes away before 2008 will become 2009.

Current mood: excited, hopeful, confident, unsure.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I found this very, very interesting ad in the last issue of the TIMES magazine.


Isn't it high time someone got negative about negativity?
Yes it is.
Look around. The world is full of things that, according to nay-sayers, should never have happened.
And yet "yes."
Yes, continents have been found.
Yes, men have played golf on the moon.
Yes, straw is being turned into bio fuel to power cars.
Yes, yes, yes.
What does it take to turn no into yes?
Curiosity. An open mind. A willingness to take risks.
And, when the problem seems most insoluble, when the challenge is hardest, when everyone, else is shaking their heads, to say: let's go.

Very, very, insightful. mmhmm :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


PEOPLE!!! I am officially FREE for the year!!! Apart from the KL concert, Youth Christmas Concert, PESSOC music camp and concert, and cousin's wedding. Uh okayyy...not quite free. *shrugs*

Anyway, amidst all the busyness - a few highlights:

1. ATCL is done!!! It went pretty well :)
2. I got my driving license! *leaps for joy*
3. ENGL200 is gonna be over in a mere week. *woots*
4. KL tomorrow!
5. I love reading the books I am reading now. haha.

"And Then There Were none" by Agatha Christie was awesome. Go read that when you get a chance. Oh, and READ Janette Oke's "Love Comes Softly" series. Please Eliz, go try it. lol.

Elizabeth (bunnyemoticonmaniac) - Yes dear, Hui Ern looks like that. Doesn't she always? You probably haven't seen her in ages. haha. And I do agree with you. SAT essays do serve a purpose. After all, it's in the SAT :).

MX - When will school be over for you?! I have plans, oh yes I do. LOL.

Yknow, we should go out one of these days. We can have lunch or something. Ahh....Sam, Melissa, Aaron, and Eugene do come too. It'll be fun!

This post is pretty long as compared to the other measly ones I've been posting up. So, 11 more posts huh, Eliz? I'll consider that. *mentally squeezing 11 posts in my track record*

And talking about that US standardized tests, read this:

As for now...

*buries nose in to Richard Pecks' "A long Way from Chicago"*