Monday, February 25, 2008

Talk about luck

Guess what. I thought that my flute exam was going to be in August. Turns out that it's gonna be in May *diiies*. I didn't know!!! Now March is creeping in and I'm anything but prepared. I've hardly started except for here and there.

So great....I really gotta cram. byeeee...

*rushes off*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yeah right, Steph

Empty promises, that's what I'm made of. *See previous post*. Sorry guys, it's either that I'm too busy to bother about blogging, or I'm just plain lazy. OR, I'm just pushing my already masterful art of procrastination to an even higher level ;)

Anyway, a lot has been happening in the past few weeks, during my absence of blogging. here's basically everything:

1. Chinese New Year

2. Valentine's

3. Raymond's seriously-awesome classes!

4. Flute shock (I'll elucidate in another post) :D

5. Appointment with Mr. Earl Case

6. Oh Oh! 'Something' we did during the stewardship meeting this afternoon. I'll post it up once I edit it. lol..*rubs hands gleefully*

Did I miss anything? I hope not. Maybe...just maybe I'll decide to post everything I listed here in separate posts. Owh. That makes SIX new posts! Expect them coming! One by one, I assure you. lol.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ok Ok...

I'll Blog Tomorrow :)
Or, the day after. Gotta see how it goes...