Thursday, November 29, 2007

I neeeeed... organize my activities. I have way too many things going on. Little, seemingly 'unimportant' activities have imperceptibly seeped into my life. And besides, I need to brush up on my organizing skills :)

Sooo, lemme see what I've gotta do.

1. Practice tomorrow at church for Tammy's wedding

2. Finish my essay on the significance 'the meaning of my name'. I need some introspection here ;)

3. And, that reminds me: send in the Telos application form along with the essay. (Deadline December 6)

4. Revise high school Chem/Bio

5. Write report on WWII

6. Practice piano, violin, & flute as much as everyone thinks I should be

7. Arrange for transport tomorrow (ahhh, that means now!)

8. exerciseeee

9. Sort out my math papers *grimaces*

10. Prepare for the mini concert (Dec 2)

11. Organize my room. More specifically: my desk

12. Get all those vocab words down pat

13. Play/experiment around with pretty words. Hahaha..

14. Be sweet to my lil bro. Which...haha, I always am. (most of the time, anyway. lol.) Apparently, he doesn't think so. egh, high maintenance :D. Eugene, dear..I DON'T mean it!! You are and will always be my favorite little bro. Haha, but of many brothers do you think I have?!

15. Tammy's Wedding (Dec 9)

16. Read up on the Baroque Period ( Personal Deadline: Dec 3)

17. Know the form and style of Beethoven's Sonata no. 14

18. Study & listen to Shubert's impromptus. Take down notes.

19. Email Aunty Stacey and Shannon

20. Write to Carolyn, Sharmaine...and the rest :)

21. Messiah Concert (Dec 24)

22. Watch National Geographic, Travel & Living, and and and....the Home and Health Channel!

23. Study Daniel and Revelation in a more detailed way.

24. Practice accompaniment for Dr. Denison's voice workshop

25. Join Dalat's library. yay.

26. Get ready for pre-SAT

27. Focus. Focus. Focus.

28. Church pianist (Dec 8)

29. Determine when I can help out in Dad's clinic :)

30. CLEP prep course (ENGL096) starts: Jan 24, 2008

31. Make a list of books to get in Singapore

32. Get new contacts

33. Andrea's birthday! (Dec 9)

34. Choose song for Edwin's special music (Personal Deadline: Dec 4 ; Special music: Dec 29)

35. Arrange a day where I can go out with MX :D

36. Anddd, MX, I need to borrow your music history textbook! Have you found it yet?! XD

Whew, I knew I had a lot inside me! Ugh, I'm sure there's more....but that's way enough from me now at the moment :) hmmm...I better stop allowing anymore things to creeeep into my todo list. OR else, my already decaying gray matter will utterly disintegrate into smithereens. Ahh...just kidding. Lol.

I guess that's all for now. Tune in next time! Byeeee...

*runs off*

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Hike

A bunch of us went hiking yesterday. You seee, we were getting kinda bored and restless during the hols and therefore proceeded to do something that would propel our dormant selves into instant motion. Eg. hiking :) Anyhow, we meant to hike from Youth Park to point 84 or something. Meant to. We, however, inadvertently ended up dragging ourselves all the way up to Penang Hill. THEN, we meant to take a tram down. AND.....we ended up trailing downhill neverendingly, mile after mile, step after weary step - four times the distance of what we had originally planned. Finally, we reached land. Sweet flat land! I could have kissed the ground, except of course, I wouldn't :) Ohh...but it was totally awesome. I dunno, but I always feel strangely refreshed and superbly alert after a hike. (I had a fantastic flute lesson after that) See?! haha...

Great accomplishment Jue and Andrea!!! I remember having that triumphant sensation of accomplishment after I hiked that distance the first time. Keeeeep it uppp! :D

Oh, and thanks guys for the great, great day! It was a great, great hike :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Garry's wedding

OK, I'll have to admit that this is little late to post about Garry's wedding, but circumstances didn't allow me to do it earlier. SO, it's late..but nevertheless...

To cut the long story short, the wedding was fantabulous. Everything went well. Everybody was happy (at least I thought the majority was). I WAS HAPPY. Ahh, see? I can be clear and succinct if I want to. Unlike my last post. I do like my other way of writing though :) Oops, off topic. Sigh..this happens to me from time to time. Sporadically. Instances when I need my concentration most. Unfortunate, isn't it? I really need to ameliorate myself :)


*pulls thoughts back into place*

OK. Garry's wedding. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I'm gonna post PICTURES. Here they are!

The FRIENDS. Ahh..but where are the men?

OK..there they are!

The newlyweds. Sweet, aren't they? ;)

The musicians.

The Pathfinders! Boy, were they smart that day :)

That's it in a nutshell. Too bad the pictures were all taken after the wedding. Oh well, better than nothing :)

Unfortunately, my flute got cold in the middle of the wedding. I was playing my violin and I placed my flute beside me. Inactive. Exposed to the 'destructive' air-con. I didn't have time to warm it up when it was time to play it. therefore produced flat, muted sounds. I thought so. My friends denied it anyway. Haha...and I was more than happy to believe them. Yesss...thanks to the mic!

All in all, it was an auspicious day.

*smiles happily*

Till the next post! :)

Friday, November 9, 2007


As the title of this post clearly states: I am....Overwhelmed. Yes, you read that. Stephanie is overwhelmed. Unbelievable isn't it? I hardly ever come to being so....stressed. Not physically, but mentally. Yah, well, inundating a little to the the physical side as well :) whatever. The main point is: I am overwhelmed. (why do I take so long to stress one simple point?)

Ah well, anyway, I guess it was all my fault for not checking the schedule that is pasted on the cupboard right in front of me when I wake up in the morning. Soo, I just found out that have to play for church the very next day. Tomorrow. I think I hyperventilated. Ok...that was a little too dramatic. Eh, close to that anyhow :D

The story does NOT end here.

I went for practice (the first one for this song) with the Friends on Thursday. And guess what? I am soo not ready. The song we're doing is for a wedding that is going to take place on - SUNDAY, two measly days from now. SO, I practiced and practiced and practiced. I guess it finally evened out. Thank goodness. AND, there's gonna be ensemble practice for the wedding tomorrow evening. Oh, the joy. Practice again. haha..I'll be relieved when this weekend is over.

There's something about it though. Even in the midst of all this busyness, I still seem to enjoy it. Odd, that. You may repudiate it, but it's true. Seriously. Ahh..symptoms of my passion. Music. Indefatigable energy. It just fits. (what did I just write earlier?) *smiles sheepishly*

Still, at the end of the day, when everything's done (OR, at least you refuse to believe otherwise lol), you feel....satisfied. The warm, tingly sensation inside. Life, truly is rewarding when you are passionate about the things you do.

OK, I'll end this post here. Now, with a better frame of mind. Wheeeee!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Driven by passion

Appassionato: the Italian musical term for 'passionately'. My life is driven by passion - passion for God, passion for music, passion for life itself, passion even for attempting to like the things I don't.

"There are many things that will catch my eye, but there are only a few that catch my heart. It is those that I want to pursue ~ with utmost enthusiasm! :)

This blog will serve to chronicle the daily happenings of my life ~ which are hopefully *sheepish grin* driven by passion! :D

* I'll try to update this whenever I can *coughcough* ;)

Oh yeah.