Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So it was Career Day at PUC, and as the name explains, it's supposed to HELP you decide your career path. Instead, I'm now torn between two (I've always been torn between two). Music and Medicine. The two big Ms in my life. Also the two big Ms that have been giving me a lot of unsettling thoughts lately.

I talked to the person in charge of music. She told me that I had one problem - too good at too any things. psssh! THAT is so not true! And coming from a soprano in San Francisco Conservatory. Hahaha.

So anyway, I talked to an ER doctor, an X-Ray technician, and a Physical Therapist. ER doctor - big mistake. I was again swamped by the idea of doing BOTH medicine and music, which is, essentially, impossible.

In the end, I won a PUC t-shirt for talking to so many career advisors.


The t-shirt was pretty :]


Anonymous said...

Just choose Music already! XD

You mentioned, "ER doctor - big mistake." means you actually wanted to do music alone before considering otherwise.


Stephie said...

I meat that it was a big mistake that I went to talk to the ER doctor. Because that made me even more indecisive. You plan to go to Yong Siew Toh? :]

Anonymous said...

Yeah. You shouldn't have. XD

Yeah, maybe. Probably doing something in piano.

Eliz said...

Hmm... M&M trouble, eh? ^_^

Sorry I haven't been visiting your blog in a while...(I had exams)...but it's not like there's been that many updates -_-

You want to be an ER doctor? o_O

Hmmm...if it were me, I wouldn't know what to choose either ;P I thought you were doing both for the 1st year at least?

Btw, Michael: Congrats on the SAT! :)

I wanna see the preeettty T-shirt *yay* ;D

Keep on blogging ^_~

Stephie said...

No worries :]. I haven't had the time (or inspiration) to blog anyways. lately.

Not ER doctor. Just medicine in general for now. I was just talking to him. He had a lot of white hair (i think). tons of stress and lack of sleep, I presume. LOL

I'm doing both for now, but I need to make up my mind sooner of later yah? :p

*I collect PUC t-shirts* :D

Anonymous said...

Eliz: You checked me out? XD Thanks anyway. :D

Steph: That's why you should choose music! No double-mindedness please!

Stephie said...

Urgh Mike. What about you? ARE YOU GONNA DO MUSIC??? :D

Shu said...

Yay t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Who in the world actually collects PUC shirts?!?