Sunday, November 28, 2010

After the fun...

...come finals.


I had the most fun I ever had in a longgg while. Thank goodness I was able to travel to my aunt's place for thanksgiving! Well needed break, yummy food, intense shopping, great deals, etc. I barely opened my gchem textbook or studied for my other subjects. or practiced.

So now I'm hoping I'm not in deep trouble. Finals come in a week.

Lots of studying ahead :/.


On a completely different note, I still feel that I take ages to write essays. Or anything, in general. Writing never came easily to me. I grow wistful whenever I read a beautifully written piece or ruminate over throught-provoking blog post. Words come so easily to those authors!

like breathing.

I'd then head over to my blog, my mind bursting with all the lovely, worded, gems that inspired my soul and spoke to my heart. The moment I click on "New Post," my mind goes blank. As expected. What shall I write to the world that will clearly mirror my thoughts? What can I pen down that will capture and stir others?

I do not, ever, want to become a writer that sticks pretty phrases around. It needs to be natural. However, I certainly can use a little more imagination.



Eliz said...

Finals already??? Hmm...I'm having mock exams myself in 2 weeks time ^_^" Where does your aunt live anyways? San Francisco?

INTENSE shopping?? ^_~ Sounds yummy... Which brands? Any bargains? Did you find the knee-length-denim-skirt-of-your-dreams?? Post some pics of your shopping finds!!

WRITING TIP: Sometimes, when I'm faced with a blank piece of paper, I like to condense everything I want to say into a haiku. It's fun. That way, you can cut right to the heart of what you want to say.
Just remember, a traditional (English) haiku has only 5 syllables for the 1st line, 7 for the 2nd line, and 5 for the last line. 3 lines. 5+7+5 syllables = 17 syllables in total.

For example:
Staring at a screen
Waiting for an unknown source
To let me download

Okay, that was pretty crappy...but fun :)

Unchanged this place is
Why has my friend in US
Not updated yet?

Ciao ;D

Anonymous said...

Study hard then, one more week left before London! :D You get to ask Chun Han about his Chopin competition thingy. He won't tell me! D:

Stephie said...

Finals in mere days >.<. My aunts live in Redlands....right next to Loma Linda, 2 hours away from LA.

No denim skirt >.<. I wasn't looking for it anyway. I need warm stuff..for winter :D.

LOL. Haiku indeed. thanks girlfriend.

How are you anyways? :D

Mike: YEAH ONE MORE WEEK. And I can't believe you're not going =(. And my bro. Gahhh.

Anonymous said...

You misspelled thought.

Eliz said...

Did you get my previous comment?_?

Heard from your mom that you're in LONDON!!! *awesome* Are you there for music stuff? How's the weather? I heard that it's gonna be the coldest winter of the century o_O but I guess you already know that ;D *brrr* I heard that Heathrow's closed...hope that doesn't mess up your schedule ^_^"

Have fun and please blog all about it....

Stephie said...

What do you mean PREVIOUS COMMENT? :D