Saturday, September 4, 2010


...I got the baby I've been dreaming of for months:

Aww. So what shall I name her?

And her?

Wheee <3


Anonymous said...

Haha…finally?? Well name her "Hope", then!

I'll think of a name for the iPod touch…

Enjoy yourself with your new "toy"! XD

Aaron said...

Unfair! I want an iPod touch too. Lol

Yeah, "Hope" sounds like a good name.

Stephie said...

Hahhaa MX. I named her Ariel!!!

Eliz said...

Hey, what happened to my comment ?_?

Which one is named Ariel? (And why are they both female?) Btw, why Apple?

Looking forward to more posts! ^_^

How's college life?

Stephie said...

what happened to comment?!?!?!?! arghh I've been looking and looking for it >.<

ahh wells. the ipod's ariel. I got her for free :D. and O haven't named my macbook yet.

I love apple :D

college is awesome...will elaborate when I have time :D

sorry I haven't been posting much. too many things going on. it's only the 2nd week of classes and we have two exams next week. !!!gchem/gchem lab!!!

Eliz said...

You love Apple? -_-" got it for free? That's pretty nice, I guess ;D Was it coz you're a student? ^_^

Hey, since it's a "Mac" (which, as a name, means "son of"), you could give her a name that has the meaning of "daughter". I recommend "Batlee" - which means "I have a daughter." XD It's a Hebrew name ;)

Btw, why "Ariel"?

Exams already?? O_O Guess it'll be awhile before there's any new posts, yeah? ^_~

Anonymous said...

They're both female because Stephanie IS female, so it is implied that her gadgets and thingamajigs will be feminine in nature. =P

You've already used Ariel (the Little Mermaid) so how bout' belle/bella in reference to Disney princesses?
Ahh…wait! One more: Aurora!


Stephie said...

Waaaaait. You're saying you DON'T love apple? LOL

Yup, Ariel came with the mac :D. student offer yayy!

And NO mike, not the ariel the mermaid.

Ariel is a boy! Ain't that cool? :D :D :D

Yeahhh exams next week. and I just found out that I have to perform on monday. piano >.<

Eliz said...

I am not an Apple lover -_- I thought I already made that clear ._.

Ohhh...Ariel the fairy, as in Shakespeare? ;P

What are you going to name the laptop? (is it she/he?)

Please blog soon! I wanna see pictures of your college!! ^_~

To Michael K: Heifetz once suggested that the cello was a more suitable instrument for women as it was *ahem* masculine, while the violin was more suitable for men as it was feminine. Go figure. (I don't want to go into the details of his implications concerning women violinists -_-")

Uel said...

You're using the wrong picture for the iPod Touch. The image you've posted's an iPhone 4.

Stephie said...

Oh maaaannn I haven' blogged in he longest time >.<

Really...Uel? I can't tell the difference. LOL

I'm so not a tech person.

Anonymous said...

Eliz: Nice one! Keep me updated! xD
Wasn't on Steph's blog for a loooongg time…

Eliz said...

Btw, how can Ariel be a boy? In your blogpost you referred to both of them as "her".

Stephie said...

sorry. forget what I said. Ariel's a boy. :]

Uel said...

The difference is in the area above the screen. The iPod Touch has a camera. The iPhone has an earpiece.

Stephie said...

Ahh I see. Lol. Thanks.

Christine said...

Hehehehe... I love apple too..
So far my collection is just Iphone 4. I had gave my Iphone 3GS to Kim Seng.. +D

Next on my mind, is your MAC...

Glad you having a good time in your college..=D