Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thoughts that may/may not relate to each other.

1. Ooh. I just found out that I have, at the least, 3 social appointments this week.
2. Violin results will be out in September. Looks like I'll be notified thru facebook. LOL.
3. I'm half-way done with packing. WHAT PROGRESS.
4. Spot barked in his sleep yesterday! He must be having one of his doggy dreams...which were interrupted by our laughing.
5. I bought two prettyyy scarfs from OFO just now :D
6. And a neat foldable wastebasket from Qbay on friday :D
7. 3/22 books done in 3 days.
8. I'll never finish the remaining 19 books by this Friday :/
9. I'm going to miss the Saturday night gatherings every week :(
10. I'm really going to miss lessons with Raymond and Mei Yoke.
11. Eugene and Dad are watching Terminator 2 on TV now. How amusing.
12. I just found out that my college subscribes to over 800 periodicals, and owns over 30,000 media items. *rubs hands in glee*
13. Should I audition for orchestra or symphonic wind ensemble in college? Or both?
14. Samantha has over 8GB of music in her.
15. Carl Vine's Sonata is great listen, a pain to learn all the notes and out-of-the-ordinary timing :/
16. I watched Karate Kid which was too cute.
17. And watched Sherlock Holmes. AWESOME SOUNDTRACK. (Eliz!!!)
18. It felt so strange without practicing the piano, violin, flute in a day.
19. And..try as I might, I'll never become a literature person.
20. More human anatomy for me please.
21. Eugene is improving tremendously in his hymn improvisation and congregational accompaniment (thanks to me of course).
22. Shelfari is an amazing tool. Me likey.
23. I'm craving for the mee goreng along Bangkok Lane.
24. I know that math, algebra, and calc are going to be a part of general eds for every college. But I'm wishing it's otherwise, for very obvious reasons. *cringe*
25. PUC is revamping their dining commons and campus center. They should tackle the dorms next! I want squeaky clean, spotless bathrooms! HAHAHA.
26. I want to read 'The Feminine Mystique' by Betty Friedan.
27. And 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand.
28. And some of Jodi Picoult's books.
29. I can't find Nos. 26 & 27 in either Dalat, MPH, or Borders. Owh.
30. And oh! Thanks for the book, the uber pink key-chain, and your note on college survival MX! Hahaha.
31. Basketball resumes this Wednesday!!!
32. It will be my last.
33. So I need to get in shape and sink in those 3-pointers. Last chance la...
34. Last week in Penang. Gotta make the most outta it.

Ciao people :]


Anonymous said...

Have a good time "stressing" through your week! It's time for change seƱora.

WOW 34 points? HAH

Eliz said...

I haven't watched the Karate Kid yet...I want to watch the original first...(and why is it called Karate Kid if Jackie Chan is the teacher?? Doesn't he do kungfu?? Kungfu Kid, anyone??? ;P)But I've watched the JB & Jaden Smith music video for "Never Say Never"...Mel is a JB fan -_-"

YESS!! You finally watched Sherlock Holmes!! ^_^ Did Eugene enjoy it? Which was your fave part (other than the soundtrack ;)? I totally love the part when RDJr starts talking in French ^_~" Jude Law is one slick sidekick/partner. And, of course, the chemistry between RDJr and Rachel McAdams is pretty charming a sarcastic, witty sort of way ;) I have to say that this is one of the few movies-adapted-from-books where I totally loved the artistic license... Btw, I heard that Sherlock Holmes 2 is coming out next year! :D

Last week in Penang? Awww...-_-
What day are you leaving anyways? ;P

Eliz said...

Btw, Youtube has a lot of Sherlock Holmes music videos ^_^

Please look at this one:

Stephie said...

Yes Mike. 34 points ain't that much...I didn't have time to go to 50. LOL

Eliz: Karate Kid was awesomeeeee, if you ignore the very predictable story line. It's a feel good movie...Jaden Smith was adorable :] Yes btw, karate wasn't mentioned during the movie. It was all kungfu. What a titlef op LOL.

Mel is a JB fan?! ARE YOU A JB FAN?! NooooOOOoooo :/

Haha. Sherlock Holmes was good. Really good. A little creepy at times but still good. Lol. Eugene loved it :]. And you're right...this is one of the book inspired movies that I enjoyed. Number 2 is coming out next year? Wheee xD

I'm leaving next Wednesday, Sept. 1st. Will try to drop by during the week to return the lit books to you. Thanks for them!

Ooh! That's an awesome video :p me likeyyy.

Peanuts said...

A lot of people have criticized the title of Karate Kid...but who cares? haha. At first, I kinda felt neutral toward JB, but now, I don't really like him. No jealousy of course(he's my age), but just plain apathy.

Sherlock Holmes was awesome! What impressed me was the director. Great directing. Next, of course RDJr...Soundtrack was good!

Eliz said...

They should've called it Kungfu Kid >:) I mean, that makes so much more's not a crime to modify the title of a remake, right? (Dinner for Schmucks, anyone?) Do they have something against the word 'Kungfu'? (Kungfu Panda, anyone? ;)

NO, I am NOT a JB fan...but if I continue to listen to Mel, I might become one... o_O WIth any luck, he might have to go to North Korea...and I will never have to face the danger of becoming a fan... MUAHAHA...I prefer Orianthi, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Hayley Williams, Lady Gaga, Owl City...(My tastes are strictly catholic...NOT. I've developed quite a taste for mainstream stuff ;P) Btw, have you heard RDJr sing before? He's pretty doesn't really sound like his usual voice... ^_~"

I hope that Sherlock Holmes 2 will turn out to be good too...(did you realize that Prof. M is Brad Pitt? Wahaha...That's so wrong -_-") With any luck, there'll probably be a trilogy! *happydance*

Hope to see you 1 more time before you go T_T

Glad you liked the video! :D

Stephie said...

I DESPISE lady gaga. Sorry Eliz >.<

Hahahha. You know quite a bit about pop/contemporary artists, do you? I never realized that. Lol.

I'm more clasical I guess. All I listen to these days are Beethoven, Dvorak, and lately....Handel.

And then I do like a some Josh Groban, Hayley Westernra, Il Divo. Etc. I'm sure you now know my music tastes :D

As for pop, I'm not really into it. But yes, David Archuleta, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, kelly clarkson, Michael Ball. I like them :D

I've never heard RDJr sing before :]

I may drop by tomorrow. Not sure what time. It really depends. :(

Shu said...

Yay Jodi!

MX said...

regarding #30...

muahhhahaha i was in China so i didn't get to read that. you're so very belatedly welcome, my dear ;) i hope you use that for your dorm keys or something so they you won't forget me LOL