Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The race.

Wow. I was out the whole day when I should have been home packing. Sigh. Whatever.

So anyway, besides packing, shopping for last-minute stuff, eating the food people have been feeding me as if I won't see Penang again - I've been reading. Voraciously.

Reading as much as I can before college starts, when homework and assignments deprive me from this pleasurable habit.

I borrowed 22 books from Dalat yesterday. Let's see whether I can plow through the whole lot by next Friday.

It's been a rat race for me this year. Rushing to complete my music. Frantically preparing for concerts and auditions and church events. Dealing with the death of my dear doggie :(. Packing (reluctantly), shopping (happily), eating (while promising myself I'd work out later).

Then there's the mental and emotional side as well. Like how I feel super hyper and excited about college, meeting new people, and learning, but also how unsettled, sad....reluctant about leaving everything I love and am familiar with.

It's no surprise I'm left exhausted and dazed.

So I shrug everything off and make the best I can out of this very high-strung year. I'll be off in less than two weeks, people. My heart yearns to be at both at places at once.

But then I can't have everything...


Anonymous said...

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Paul wrote this when he was in prison and meant that who could adjust to any situation through the strength of Christ.

Just relax. Make sure everything's in order, then you can happily curl up (somewhere) with a book.

22 books!? WOW I admire your determination.

Eliz said...

Ahh! Shopping! Where did you go? What did you buy? :)

22 books?? O_O Record-breaking, are we? ;P

Rat race? Hmmm...and the year isn't even near over yet ^_~

Only two more weeks... T_T And then I won't see you again...(well, it's not like I'm seeing much of you right now anyways -_-")

Just make sure you blog consistently when you get to US! Keep us in the know with the updates, yeah? *hi5*

ronald said...

well when you are over there, you may forget about us as you meet new friends.

our prayers are with you knowing that you will turn out well in God's hand.

Stephie said...

Haha yes Mike...cheer me on! :)

Eliz: I went to Qbay :)/ I bought...laundry bags, foldable storage, and two tops from Brands Outlet :).

Yes..22 books. I may have set ti bar too high...judging by the rate I'm going :/. I've been busy >.<

The year is more than half over :p

I should drop by your place sometime next week. I need to return your lit books :D. Gonna miss you, girl :(

Uncle Ronald: Haha. Thanks! :]

Eliz said...

Qbaaayyy!! Awesome ^o^ Did they have great stuff at Esprit too? (Laundry bags & foldable storage? Don't they have stuff like that at Walmart/Target ?_?)

Post up your book list if you can :)

Let me know when you plan to drop by, okay? I'm in college most days (I like to study in the library ;) but I'll try to be home when you come by (for the LAST GOODBYE T_T)

Gonna miss you too! ^_~

Stephie said...

Esprit was pricey and horrible :(. I went to Brand's Outlet instead and got 3 tops for RM50 - 2 for me, 1 for my aunt.

I'm trying to get as many things here so I won't need to shop from place to place there. I'll be going to trget/mallmart for foldable boxes, adapters, etc...

Will let you know when I'll be dropping by :]

Gonna miss you too...