Saturday, August 7, 2010


I shoudn't practice so much music.

I shouldn't be reading.

I shouldn't go shopping.

I shouldn't keep waltzing off to do the things I love.

I shouldn't be on the internet.

I should start packing.


Anonymous said...

Aiyo… So much pressure these few weeks, huh? Reading is profitable so you shouldn't stop that (Unless it interferes with your packing of course).

Relax, and don't be stressed. What are you packing that takes up so much of your time? Books? Clothing? Of other odds and ends? :D

Eliz said...

What do you need to pack ?_?

If you're set on taking books, then clothes shouldn't be much of a problem (there won't be much space left for your clothes anyway, right? Right! ;)...just take along your "Chosen Few" that you LOVE and will ALWAYS wear NO MATTER WHAT. ^_~ (As a general rule, everyone wears only 20% of what they have 80% of the just figure out what's the 20% that you need and go with it!!)

(Oh,'s MEGA SALE season... I forgot ^_^")

Anyways...couldn't you shop in the US? There's tons of stuff you could get that are unavailable here...*iwanttogosobs*...there's probably really good sales too...or you could go thrifting! (I love doing this...but there aren't any thrift shops in Malaysia T_T)

Btw, please copy and paste this link into your navigation toolbar. Press enter and laugh (DO look at it! I promise you'll find it funny ;)

Aaron said...

Relax, Stephie. It's only packing. Just do a bit ever day. Don't pressure yourself so much! Go play with Spot, spend some extra time with your family members. You know, just take a deep breath and clear your mind for a bit =)

Stephie said...

Mike: Lots of things that I'm too lazy to type here.

Eliz: Clothes, books, shoes, and a gazillion other things I need to bring :/

And that's the problem, I wanna bring too many things. haha.


Anddd, we won't have enough time to shop in the US. Argh.

LOL at your link! muahahaha.

Aaron: Yes yes yes :p

Anonymous said...

calm down la! I only started packing 24hrs before takeoff :P

Stephie said...

you crazy person >.<