Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have to start clearing up my stuff. Mom says so.

And so I did.

I started off with my 21" by 12" shelf in the study room. Guess what. All the files and papers so very neatly arranged on my shelp turned out to be junk - perfectly organized junk acccumulating since the begining of high school. And I can't seem to decide what to keep and what to discard.

I'm a perfectly perfect pack rat.

Will attempt to start on my room tomorrow. I'll probably unearth more neat junk in my super neat room (thanks to Mom).


Anonymous said...

will you find any exotic species of fungi in your untouched piles!

Stephie said...

no I won't. I'm that neat. LOL

Eliz said...

21" by 12" ?_? That's a really small shelf you got there...or should I say "shelp"? ^_^

Stephie said...

Heee. It's my school shelf. My study room shelf. The shelf I visite most during high school. Haha :D