Monday, July 26, 2010


Dalat has only two books on my to-read list :(. Better than nothing I guess *shrugs*

I've been wondering, how to people manage to decide what to read anyway? I mean seriously. I can enter a library/bookstore with a single book in mind and lose myself the moment I lay my eyes on the delicious array of literature.

I'm a terrible decision maker, if you haven't already known.

Currently reading: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

I love how he portrays Death as the narrator. Very apt, I must say.


Anonymous said...

Just enter the bookstore and browse. Best way, for me, to find books! Death as a narrator? How morbid!

Stephie said...

I'll browse ad end up with nothing an unsettled mind. Yeah. Death as narrator :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're a book parasite. I'm not really one.

Eliz said...

Ahh!...I haven't read that one o_O

-_-" My problem is that all the books I want to read are either shrink-wrapped (bookstore) or have already been read by Mel (library)...and I feel guilty whenever I borrow a book that she's already read :( ...and when I do borrow it I usually end up not reading it anyway ^_^"

Btw, what IS on your to-read list? :)

Stephie said...

Eliz: You should try the Book Thief. I'm halfway through and I love it <3. You can borrow it once I return it to Dalat :p.

I should post on my to-read list one day :D