Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My thoughts as of here and now

1. I love writing. Or rather, I have come to love writing. I used to *dislike* writing simply because I was lazy. Too lazy to think and voice out my thoughts, ideas, etc. Thank goodness I've managed to move past that stage! Anyway, Appassionato has been instrumental in providing me the space and incentive to write. Things I love about writing? Its escapist qualities, for instance. And the way it creates a medium for you to express yourself. And it's ability to discover and unravel thoughts you've never thought of before. And the way it challenges the boundaries of your mind, and heralds fresh, new ideas of various subjects, and at times, rather absurd fancies.

2. One of my 'activities' that partly feed my new found love for writing is music. I feel as if I've 'lately' come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of music. While I've always, always loved making music and exploring the expansive scope it brings, I have never really given thought to what I was doing; how that thought came to me is still a mystery. I've learned to open my mind to different textures and styles while hanging on and being able to relate to its older counterparts. Being able to hang on to styles in the baroque, classical, romantic periods, and embracing the fresh, often strange textures and tonalities of impressionistic/20th century music has equipped me with the mindset of appreciating the music for its worth and individuality, instead of how pleasing it is to my ears. Still, I have to admit that I'm a die-hard romanticist, and probably will remain so for a while.

3. And of course, reading. My literature these days consists of Homer, Shakespeare, and the like. I can't believe I'm actually doing this to myself. Cos' if you know me, literature and me are like acquaintances, rather than familiar friends. I'm not going to pretend I actually 'like' reading works from these literary greats. Honestly, they are fully capable of boring me to death. Still, I'm ploughing on...trying to 'see the light' some people rave about. Of late, I've been thriving on the TIME mag. And I still have a weakness for Agatha Christie's crime/mystery novels. Wooops :p

So amongst other rather minuscule things that have crossed my mind lately, here's the main gist of what's been going on in my rather complicated mass of gray matter :]


Eliz said...

1. I really love your writing too :) Y'know, some of the "Things I love about writing" are also applicable to the field of music... ^_^ (I especially like how you used the word "instrumental" ;)

2.Romanticist? As in Romantic Period? o_O ooh la la... I'm more of a 20th-century music fan; think Hans Zimmer & John Williams ^_~ who's your fave composer?

3.My exposure to Shakespeare has largely been limited to just The Wednesday Wars...-_-" Forgive me, I am an neophyte who has yet to see the light T_T Btw, I'm a Newsweek reader, so...no comment ;P

PS: a minor issue about the first line...but I think you'd better insert "have" between "I" and "come to love writing"

Stephie said...

Aww thanks! I never thought I'd make a good writer though. Probably because I never exactly had a interest until lately. :p

Yeah. I'm a romanticist. And not only in the Romantic Period (of course in the romantic period!). I do have a tendency to romanticize everything I play. (Eg. excessive pedaling in the baroque and classical period, too much ad lib, etc.) Something I need to consciously pay attention to when I'm playing pieces in those periods.

Ahh 20th century? I love Debussy. And Ravel's interesting too. I used to despise Carl Vine, but he totally intrigues me now.

Hans Zimmer and John Williams? Aren't they more like soundtrack/film composers? My fav for soundtrack composers are Hans Zimmer, Alan Menken, and Alan Silvestri :)

I don't really have a favorite composer, but I do have an affinity to one or two composers from each period. Haha :D

Aww. You're better in literature than me, regardless of whether you read Shakespeare or not, Wednesday Wars ROFL! Teehee. How do you find Newsweek as compared to the Time?

*I fixed the first line already. thanks :D

Eliz said...

Continue writing! Please :)

Romanticizing the Baroque Period...is that possible...O_O"

You have an affinity for EIGHT composers? Ooh la la... ;P

Yess! I love soundtracks! ^_^" I'm a movie-crazy person, remember? Btw, have you watched Sherlock Holmes yet? Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for that is amazing *awe* But he said that he "did terrible things to a piano" to achieve the effect he wanted... o_O I don't even want to know what he did...

-_-" I told you...I don't read the Time... how could I possibly compare the two of them properly? The only thing I can say is that I liked Newsweek's old layout better than the new one...

*Btw, I should have used "a" for "neophyte" not "an"...my bad :( I meant to write "acolyte" but I thought "neophyte" was better suited...and I forgot to change the "an" to "a"...-_-"

Stephie said...

Oh yeah. It's possible. Lots of people do it without even realizing it. That's what makes playing baroque music so challenging (and controversial) these days. LOL.

Eight composers?! Hahaa. Nah. Growing musicians always start by getting a solid overview and grasps of all the styles in each of the periods. In the process you find composers in each period that suits your personal style, technique, character, etc...

I love soundtracks too! I haven't watched Sherlock Holmes yet. Not time. Urgh.

Tsk tsk. I don't read Newsweek. So I'm wondering. Eh..should be switch magazines? LOL. Time's photography is amazing, btw.

Gahh. Don't worry about grammar mistakes, girl. I always have glictches in language usuage when I type. I blame the internet. HAH.