Saturday, July 17, 2010

The KL Chronicles

Oh how misleading the title of this post is. I was only there for two days. meh.

I managed to find the most amazing magazines at most amazing prices. RM 29.90 with free CDs! These magazines each cost up toRM 50 or more in Penang. That is, IF Borders orders them, WHICH they don't now since nobody buys them. *head desk*

Gramophone! And look who's guest editor? Nicola Benedetti!

Interview with Claudio Abbado. Article on Yuja Wang. Yayyy.

BBC mag!

And my fav: PIANIST. Paul Lewis on Beethoven! *diiies* and Fanny Waterman on musicianship - interpretation and phrasing.

Seriously, what more can I ask for? *happy sigh*

I'm looking forward to BBC's August 2010 issue: The 20 greatest pianists, playing fast, a review of the best Shumann's piano concerto recording by Jessica Duchen.

Now. How in the world am I'm gonna get my hands on that issue?

People in KL! *hint hint*

Btw, I also got this for a wicked RM 49.35:

Hal Leonard. Mozart Piano Concerto in D minor K. 466. Comes with orchestration accompaniment CD, so you can virtually play with an orchestra! Awesome stuff.


I also bought my bro A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Publication by Collins Classics featuring:

1. Life & Times - fascinating insight into the author, their work and the time of publication.

2. Glossary of Classic Literature - useful words and phrases at your fingertips.

And it was so cheap! RM 9.90.

Haha. It will be useful when he prepares for his SATs, and really, just for the sake of literary enjoyment and appreciation.

I love you Midvalley MPH and KLCC Kinokuniya.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's so cool! When I went to Kino I hardly had time to browse through the books there. ): Anyway I got myself just one book! One's better than nothing!

Stephie said...

Haa. When was the last time you went to KL?

Anonymous said...

for my MPYO audition!

Stephie said...

oh yeah how could I forget? haha

Eliz said...

Ooh...nice eye-candy :) The Mozart Piano Concerto sure sounds nice ^_^

Uh...doesn't Dalat have ATo2C ?_? Or is Eugene starting to collect the classics? ;)

Midvalley & KLCC, je t'aime :) Btw, did you go to Midvalley's posh extension...The Gardens? They've got a Borders there too ^_~

Aaron said...

Cool. Did you happen to see any books/magazines on vocal singers or just plainly classical music? When I was there in KL I didn't really browse the place, just looked around etc. Though I did happen to see this exercise regime/ diet looking book that claims that it will make you fit in 10 days. LOL!

Stephie said...

Eliz: Eye candy eh? Totally :).

Dalat has ATo2C, of course. But the copies are age old and dusty and worn out, etc. It'll be a miracle if Eugene (or me, for that matter) borrows it. So I bought it; since it's a classic, it'll be worth to keep. And it was so cheap!!!

I saw the Gardens! But there wasn't enough time to explore :/. Arghhh. Borders was there?!?! *SLAPS FOREHEAD*

Aaron: Cool eh? There was a slew a books/mags at Kino. Especially books. But they were expensive, so I spent the day reading and browsing, and secretly wishing. Hah. There was only one Opera/Vocal mag. Thumbed it through but quickly busied myself by raving over the Pianist mag. LOL.

The Opera mag was more expensive lah! :p

Why would you be even browsing through a diet book?! I don't understand. muahahaz. Number 1 remedy for you to lose weight (if you EVER NEED to): stop stuffing the sweets. Aha. *cheeky grin*

Eliz said...

A miracle?? o_O
(*confession* I kinda like old books... ^_^")

Well, I agree with the fact that it's probably "worth to keep"...but the very fact that it's a classic usually means that it can be found in most libraries...-_-" Catch my drift?

Aaron said...

I was thinking of my sister and some of my friends that were not happy with their weights'. LOL! Hey, I would like to be leaner, okay? I've been gaining some weight recently.
Aw.. you should've bought it. I could've paid you back. Do you remember the name of the magazine? :)

Stephie said...

Eliz: Yeah. I get you. But Eugene loves colorful covers and fresh smelling, crisp pages.

Aaron: *slaps forehead* you've have a problem. you gotta be kidding me if you say you're fat. If you're fat, WHAT ABOUT ME?!?! *sobs*

The magazine is called 'Opera' *I think*. Not sure if you were interested so I did not buy. I did take a glance at it though. It's basically interviews with singers, new recording reviews, etc.

Aaron said...

You ah.. always saying that your fat. First of all, I didn't say I was fat. I just said that "I would like to be leaner.. been gaining weight". And secondly, you are NOT fat. Lol :)

Alright. I'll look up on it. By the way, theres this website I found where you can read books online for free. They have tonnes of e-books there ranging from the classics to more contemporary works.

Oh and Elizabeth, I saw you at the club last night. Haha

Eliz said...

Eugene should get an e-book...more eco-friendly... *pretending to care about the environment* ;P

Stephie: You. Are. Not. Fat. (Stand in front of the mirror & say this 1000 times...;)

Aaron: o_O So it WAS you...sorry I didn't say hi ^_^" I wasn't sure if it was you...(For some weird reason, I thought it wasn't you coz you weren't wearing red -_-")

Y'know, when I first saw your comment, I thought you were a different Aaron (i.e.: someone I don't know) mainly coz you don't strike me as the dieting type. (And also because I still think of your name written as "Erin" ;)

Stephie said...

Aaron: I didn't say I was fat. You were the one who said you needed to lose weight LOL.

Reading online is bad for the eyes. Coupled with extended hours exposed to radiation, it's worse. Unless you have an ebook reader. Like a Kindle, Nook, or iPad.

Eliz: And Eugene is a very tangible person. He likes tangible stuff (Eg, pages you can actually turn) Hahahaha.

To both: You guys ah...always at the club eh? Aaron, you must have gone there because of Jing/Ming (I'm randomly guessing here). And Eliz, another dinner? *winks*

Oh. Let's just drop the whole dieting/weight gain subject. Very depressing lah. Hahaaa

And...isn't Erin a girl's name?