Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a fact: you think more as you grow older

Two months left till my departure. Two measly months. Sighhh. And I feel like I want to accomplish more before I leave. There are a host of things to be done; not everything on my to-do list has been done just yet. And as we all know it, things ALWAYS crop up as the year progresses. Wholesome things, things that tempt the senses of the ambitious, things that stimulate thinking, and that motivates you to strive for excellence. Good things.

One question, however: In striving, and possibly gaining all these things, how did I use all these assets to benefit others? I mean, seriously, what's the use of gaining the whole world when you do not serve others, and give back what God has blessed you with?

Argh. How I long to have just a leeetle more time in Penang! I'm so not ready to leave my dear little island just yet. And I may never be.

As it has been since the beginning, time never waits. I have known this ages ago, but one can't help wishful thinking, no?


Anonymous said...

Well, treasure your time here on Penang, then. (Help mom with the housework!) Anyway, I'm very sure you will have an excellent time in CA. Cheers!

Stephie said...