Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy reminiscences of the day

I love our Te Deum Trio! Mike, Jane, and page-turner Eugene are amazing people. Period. The passion, energy, and enthusiasm, all lumped together makes us so motivated. And Raymond, we owe you so, so much. Thanks for everything :D.

Marvelous practice today.

Great fun.

Uncontrollable laughter.

What a way to end the day.



Anonymous said...

Shall we create a facebook page for Te Deum Trio? LOL Indubitably, Raymond is THE MOST BRILLIANTASTIC teacher I've ever met and known. Will cherish the things he has done for me/us.

Stephie said...

hahah maybe we should! after the concert!:D. Raymond's the best. He's my favorite music teacher shhhh ;). Learned so much from him.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky I don't know Mrs. Sinaga! Haha. But my my does… But honestly, Mrs. Sinaga, according to my mom, has little patience with students that are not musically inclined. She's lucky she got students like you and Raymond!

Stephie said...

Wow Mrs. Sinaga! small world!