Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carl Vine's genius

Carl Vine's 1st Sonata. Brilliant.

Part 1:
Part 2:

This rendition from Spencer Myer is particularly thrilling.

Ohhh listen to the strange, but altogether delightful harmonies, inner melodies, and motifs. The wide span of dynamics this piece encompasses is just amazing. And its tonal edifices - superb. This is going demand lots of concentration, comprehension, and communication from the performer.

I really wanna learn this.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Vine's music (yet), but this sonata is more interesting compared to the one you played. In fact, I like it!

Stephie said...

HAHA. You haven't heard all 5 bagatelles together yet! But yeah, his one's a lot mroe demanding. FTCL syllabus yiiikes.

Anonymous said...

Ughh…not really a fan of the bagatelles. Haha

Stephie said...

LOL have you listened to the whole thing? I used to despise it, but now I love it. acquired taste la.

Anonymous said...

Nope…this is how my brain works: First, a (despised) song (usually 20th century) is given to me. The more I play and practice it, the more I'll enjoy the song and I'll say, "Hey, this is not a bad song after all we've been through together!" :D

Stephie said...

20th century stuff is intriguing. That's why I've come to appreciate it's various characteristics. mmhmm :D

it takes time la.