Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The awful extreme

To all bloggers: Do you ever come across something interesting during the day and go, "Ooh! Here's something to blog about!"

Or something to that effect.

It can be anything. From a delicious sentence you read, to an eye-catching picture, to the jogger who jogged passed you who looked weird, to a new music piece, etc. etc. etc.

And that's awesome.

But there's an extreme.

The extreme - being awfully involved in the whole blogging idea and obsessively trying to find something to blog about.

Personally, I find it rather pretentious to conscientiously look for topics to blog about. After all, writing should be a natural process. Mind you, I don't mean that you don't look for topics to blog about. I myself am alert to what's going on in my brain and around me, hence all my blog posts. What I mean is: Some people go around looking, hunting, searching for things to blog about. They try really hard to find some infinitesimal happening of the day, just for the sake getting another post on wall. It's pretentious, I tell you. And obvious too. More obvious than he/she thinks.

*note: I'm not directing this post to anybody. I'm just writing in general about some of my random observances of anonymous people.

"You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say."- F. Scott Fitzgerald

I love Fitzgerald's assertion. It's an idea I want to embrace and apply in writing. Truth be told, I'm light years away from the writer I want to be. As said before, writing was never part of me. I try, nevertheless, to change that mindset.

To shrug off presuppositions and embrace the now.


Anonymous said...

I'm lucky I'm not a hardcore blogger!

Eliz said...

Stephie...There's a difference between going "Ooh! Here's something to blog about!" and blogging "just for the sake [sic] getting another post on [sic] wall." -_-"

In the first case, you are being inspired to blog. In the second, you are blogging for the sake of getting an ego boost.

Catch my drift?

Btw, just my 2 cents in regards to Fitzgerald's quote... does that assume that just because we have something to say that people actually want to listen?

"To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music the words make." ~Truman Capote

Stephie said...

Ugh. But you do get what I mean right? >.<

Sorry. LOL.

Well, regardless of whether people listen or not.

Awesome. Where'd you get such beautiful quotes? :)

Eliz said... modified your post ?_?

When you refer to "the OTHER extreme (emphasis is my own)" do you mean that "Ooh! Here's something to blog about!" is also an "extreme"?

Fyi, I don't think it's "pretentious to conscientiously look for topics to blog about." For some people (especially aspiring writers ;), it's a great way to kill writer's block. ^_~

Anonymous said...

Internet?? Most definitely…

Stephie said...

ARGH Eliz!!! No, no I don't mean that.

I get what you mean, but that's NOT what I meant in the post.

Oh shucks. I should revamp the whole post or delete it. I'm having a hard time making myself clear.

Hence, the awful writer.

Eliz said...

Ooh! Yet another modification! ;P

"But there's an extreme."

Come to think of it... EVERYTHING has an "extreme" -_-"

Are you implying that "extremes" are bad? o_O (I do not agree with that. But, then again, maybe we have different perceptions on what constitutes as "extreme" ;)

Perhaps what you meant was more like: "But there's a dark twisted OCD-driven side to passionate blogging."

*shivers* Hmm...maybe I should tone that down a little o_O

Stephie said...

ELIZ >.<

Nope. Extremes are not bad. But this one is annoying to me. (Now, I'm not sure if you see what I mean >.<)

Your "dark twisted OCD-driven side to passionate blogging" expresses it quite nicely, despite its dark and twisted-ness. LOL

Eliz said...

MUAHAHA...I am a dark, twisted commentator >:)

(NOW I remember to add the comma...-_-")

Suggestion to Stephie :)
You don't have to delete the whole post. (Btw, I DO get what you're saying ;) Leave it as it is. When you've got more opinions on this subject, you can revise it and republish it as "The awful extreme II" ^_^

Stephie said...

Yes girlfriend :]