Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And her name is...


Yup. That's her name. My External HD's name.

I feel the bond. I shall call her 'Sam' for short.

No offence, Prophet S. Hahahahahaha.

This. Is very random.

A sign I'm tired.



Eliz said...

What happened to "Shawn"? o_O

Stephan -> Stephanie
Samuel -> Samantha

Uel said...

'Winner -> Wiener'

Stephie said...

Haha. As much as I like the spelling (shaWn), I don't like how it sounds - too commonplace. I know so many Shauns...

Samantha sounds pretty. Timothy's mom used to inadvertantly call me that for no apparent reason. HAHA.

Uel: Thanks! What's with 'Uel', Prophet S.?