Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just one Sakae Sushi buffet with MX and all my hard work dragging myself to the gym is gone!

I blame you MX >.<

So anyway, we ate. And ate. And slowly ate. Like gluttons. But that was last tuesday. Pictures will come later :]

So TODAY! Had to go for MY's house concert. T'was interesting. Had the usual fun :).

I'm craving for some good quality literature. Like Homer. Or smth about the Battle of Bunker Hill. Or some scientific dispute. Just something I can really get my teeth into besides food. LoL.

BTW I forgot. We had yogurt AFTER Sakae Sushi. Talk about extravagance.

*heads of to the gym*

*changes mind*

*heads to bed with a mental note to go the gym in the morning*

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Anonymous said...

you like sushi!?.....hate the stuff....ble-h-h-h