Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of writing

I've always had this subconscious dream. A dream that I'll be come a writer/editor. It's funny, 'cos most of my high school education was geared towards the Sciences and music. Not writing. Strangely, I was never one who had a particular interest or aptitude for writing and literature/interpretation of literature. Perhaps I wasn't exposed (or was rather reluctant to be exposed) to that area of discipline.

I wonder how some people can write so freely, with so much liberty, creative ideas and aspirations. They are able to express themselves with such clarity and precision. It awes me to read blogs authored by mere 13-16 year olds who write with such originality and flair. And I, who is approaching 19 (sighhh) sometimes take minutes to compose a decent sentence.

I don't know. Maybe I'm being overly critical of myself, or am subtlety employing self-degradation. Still, Homer, Longfellow, Shakespeare, Smith, and the like are shady and ambivalent to me.

Nevertheless, "Every word written is a victory against death." I'll hang on to that for now.

Hmm. Thoughts and opinions are very welcome.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh....writing....the way man communicates with another....Why writing? How should I know? I'm not the one who started it!!

Stephie said...

Cheh. I dunno. Do you think I write well enough?

Anonymous said...

I like your writing. It's much better than mine. I'm a newbie to it. Heh. Still with a very limited vocabulary.

Stephie said...

hah well thanks. You write well too. But I'm simply impressed, and a tad envious of people (especially young ones) who can express themselves so cognitively. Gahhh. To be honest, I can't :(.