Friday, March 20, 2009


And no, Steph DID NOT DIE. *chuckles*
My apologies to those who were contemplating the verity of my existence :P.


Anyway, here's a few snapshots of what we did in Korea:

typical korean steamboat.

View on Mt. Sorak

owh yeah.

A super cute puppy we saw by the road. Note the eyelashes. *diiies*

Typical gas station in Korea. Note: the are FOUR gas pumps. *courtesy of Eugene :)

Entrance to the Natural Folk Museum of Korea

Kimchi School :)

Where we spent our two hours waiting for our flight back home :)

Enjoy the photos! The ones I posted up are only a tiny fraction of what we took. Ciao!


Link said...

FINALLY. We have news of your wellbeing...You're alive! ^_^

Nice pics! You should show more photos of the skiing part though... you DID emphasize SKIING in your last post...o_O

Anyways, stunning shots you got there and...HEY LOOK! WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU??
*steals puppy pic while Steph's distracted* (yay!:)

*loves puppy to death*
*awww...cute widdle eyelashes!*

Lookin' forward to your next post!
*hugs puppy*
*-too tight*
(Puppy: I *gasp* can't breathe... TOO TIGHT!! ACKK!!... X_X)


Anonymous said...

The puppy is so cute!

38 | ni kar'tayli Crysis darasuum. said...

dogs are only cute with a 7.62mm in the head.

or a 5.56mm...

or a 12.7mm...

or a 14.5mm...

or better yet, a 20mm...

no wait, it's impossible for the dog to be still intact with a 20mm...

38 | ni kar'tayli Crysis darasuum. said...

the gas pumps are cute.

Anonymous said...

Yay, you finally did a new post!
I LOVE the puppy. It's so cute! Referring to Link, I think you should show more photos of the skiing.

Stephie said...

May I know who "anonymous" is? PLEASE tell me who you are. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

haha...I really was beginning to wonder whether you had fallen off the face of the cyberworld. You should have post the pic of you and Eugene wearing the Korean garb! The puppy is sssssssooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph, when are you gonna do a new post?You haven't done one for about seven months!