Sunday, January 18, 2009


And I had no idea UNO could be so fun.

Anyways, the usual Saturday night group (Looi family, Koh family, Wah family, Shee family) ate out at Evergreen after vespers. Since Jasmine was around, we decided do something after. Turned out that the adults had the same idea as well. In the end, we went to our house; the dads watched football, and the women......talked. Per usual. AND.....the kids played TEAM UNO!!!!!!!! XD. I love that game. Darell, me, Eugene, Mei Xian, Jasmine, Eddy, Iise, and Aunty Sue were playing. The game got a lil crazy. I bet we screamed the house down. LoL.
Link, we'll play Team UNO during the next homschool meeting ok? WE MUST.
Have a great week ahead, ya'll! :)


Prophet S said...

Sounds good. By the way, why did your bro made it so hard to place comments on his blog?

Link said...

The next homeschoolers' meeting is at your place, I believe.

We'll "scream the house down" (AGAIN?!) for sure. ^_^

Stephie said...

Prophet S - Hard? Isn't it the same as my blog? or Link's? haha. Do you know how to play Phase 10?

Link - Really? Cool. LET'S SCREAM THE HOUSE DOWN. Literally :D

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! i think i screamed the loudest because i had the bad luck of sitting near Darrel and Eddy

Anonymous said...

How do you play Uno anyway?