Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh joy

Raymond: Are you sure you wanna do all that?!

Me: Mmhmm!

Haha. I had my first piano lesson of Year 2009 on Tuesday, and Raymond was suggesting possible pieces I could do for my LTCL. He was suggesting I do the Prelude Op. 23, No. 5 by Rachmaninoff, Sonata No. 62 by Haydn, and a 20th Century piece by Alberto E. Ginastera. Well, I did mention that I wanted to do that Haydn Sonata last year :).

So anyway, I got all excited and one thing led to another. I ended up bringing home seven pieces to *learn*. I'm probably gonna learn all of them and then decide on those I want to play for the exam. Whee...

I really wanted to learn Fantasie Impromtu by Chopin but it was in the ATCL syllabus. AND I DIDN'T KNOW! Gah. Oh well, I'll learn it in my "free" time. LoL.

Oh yes I'm gonna have fun.

**MX - Happy New Year Sweetie! Blog more often! Egh, I definitely sound hypocritical.

Prophet S - Haha. THAT would be perfect in your list. IMHO, you should really get a blog ;). muahaha..

Hui Ern - I saw the link to *your* blog somewhere. Can't remember. Btw, is your class blog banana themed? haha!

Adelyn - Hey! How did you get my blog link? Yeah I'm planning to study in the US. Gonna take my SAT this June, I think :). What about you?


Link said...

*raises eyebrow*
Seven pieces? That's your idea of "fun"?!

Hmm... *shrug* Well, whatever turns you on, I guess (-_-")

Hope those SAT books will help ;)
See ya.

Prophet S said...

Actually I'm forced to place it third on my list. Studies are second.

What's there to blog about?

Anonymous said...

you should try Sonata No.37 in D major :D

Anonymous said...

You consider playing SEVEN pieces