Monday, September 8, 2008


HI PEOPLE! Okayyy, since I haven't blogged for uh...months, I DO have a lot to tell.

So, to summarize what I did the last few months:

1. Singapore, which actually means..
2. KINOKUNIYA! and Cone Pizza! (such a thing does exist), and Durian Pancake (it suprisingly tasted good...but not before all the disparaging looks I gave before I tried it. lol), and the Eye of Singapore! and the taxis!
3. SAT prep
4. Piano dip prep
5. Program notes *ugh*...which means...
6. Research

There should be more, but I can't remember. Haha.

Now, for the next few months:

1. Piano dip exam
2. Telos ENGL200
3. Research paper on Euthanasia
4. Flute masterclass
5. Youth Christmas program
6. Chrismas program with PAH at Berjaya
7. Some charity concert in KL

Oh, and there's this super silly story MX, Aaron, Eugene, and me took turns writing the other day. I'll post it up if it's still with MX.

As for now..cheers! :)


bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

You blog, like, once every 2 months?? ('o')

*raises eyebrow*


Stephie, does MX have a blog?
I wouldn't mind getting to know her better through the Net ;)

(I'm guessing that the guys don't have blogs... They don't seem to be the type :P)

Whatever (^_^)

Anonymous said...

I still have the story!! I totally forgot to type it out haha...I found it under a pile of papers on my desk lol