Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You know, I logged in to Blogger with the purpose of refuting Eliz's inference. *you post once every two months?!* Awww, I'll try to post more, OK? :D

So anyway...

bunnyemoticonmaniac - Yes, MX does have a blog. She usually posts poems, stories, and quotes on her page. You can check it out at http://mxgirl918.wordpress.com

Orchestra was wonderful yesterday! Suprisingly, more people turned up, or so it seemed. I hope I can go for music camp this year. Let's hope it doesn't clash with the KL concert :)

I just read an article from The New York Times about SAT essays (it's a link from Wikipedia). Read it here. Shocking, isn't it?

To end my post on a high note: Basketball tomorrow!!!

Life is good :)


bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

Life is good...
...Yes, indeed ;D

MX blog looks interesting. Thanks for the link. (Her quotes are so cute!! :)

You included the SAT essay link?

By the way, have you ever visited the blog of Tuzki creator, Wang MoMo? It's really artistic. (I found it as a link from Wikipedia. Type "Tuzki" and you'll find the link "Creator blog" ;)

Lunch break over now. Type later :)
(Creation of my own blog will start in 2010... sorry for the delay... I'm too busy this year :P)

bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

I take back what I said.
You don't post once/2 months.
You post 2 times/month.

Sounds better? *grin*

By the way, where's that "super silly story" that you were gonna post?

And when are you gonna blog about BASKETBALL??

Heh :) Sorry if I seem to be a little psycho about posting on your blog... I'm just kinda bored right now and messing around... :P

Anonymous said...

about SAT essays..I think they're totally pointless. How are supposed to write about a quote from someone we've never heard of? The article was quite shocking. I about 4 paragraphs and I still a low score for it.
haha basketball's all you ever talk about! how was Wed?

Anonymous said...

Steph?? how often do you update this? :P

bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

Re: mxgirl918

"Low score"?
Please expound.
It was a little vague.
"Low score" is a pretty subjective comment... when it comes to SAT essays.

BTW, I don't think SAT essays are "totally pointless".
That's harsh (O_O)

And, yeah, I totally agree with you about Steph's blog...
... 2008 is almost over and she has, like, only 13 posts for the entire year. (-_-')
*does the math*
...(about) an average of 1 post/month.

...Maybe if you post like mad this Dec you can turn your average into 2 posts/month.
*does more math*
...you gotta do another 11 posts?

(o_0) Considering your track record, that's NOT POSSIBLE.

Just kidding. (^_^)
Looking forward to 2009, YEAH! ;D