Saturday, June 7, 2008


My flute exam results are out!!! Talk about luck.'s not luck. I call it Providential. I got a distinction!!! Scraped it...literally. I so happy and thankful. Really thank Alan and Soon Pin for helping me. Not to mention my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Sinaga, Auntie Sharon.....etc. Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers.

At least I feel confident to play the flute again. You (some of you) know what I mean.

Well, I off.

There's PIZZA! lol.


bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

Heh :) Glad to see you finally updated your blog.
If you had delayed it any longer, I would've suggested that you blog about your distinction... which, uh, you DID... Haha... Whatever :P

June 7? That's odd. I checked your blog a WEEK ago (in July) and you hadn't updated it yet.
Rather odd. (o_0)

bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

A suggestion:
Why don't you blog about the basketball stuff? ;)