Friday, May 30, 2008

Thanks be to God

I can now breathe. My flute exam is OVER. You....all of you seriously will not be able to comprehend my relief. I was frightfully scared before and during the exam. C'mon....don't blame me. It's my first flute exam...grade 7 in 4 months. *shudders*

So yeah, it was really grueling, especially during the exam week. I think I did ok, though I did screw up on the third piece....bad. Oh well, my sight reading and aural (aural!!!) should hopefully pull my score up. Lol...

And now....I'm just waiting.....waiting for the results. *sigh* Raymond said that the results will be out on Monday. That's quick, ain't it? :p

I really give God all the credit for helping me get through the exam :)

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