Friday, January 18, 2008

Louisa May Alcott -

The Astute. The Magnificent. The Veritable. Yes, all that and more :)

I've just finished reading Rose in Bloom, which is, delightfully, what I have always longed to get my hands on. Louisa May Alcott is also the author of Little Women, Little Men and a few other beloved classics which I have simply adored since grade/middle school.

Rose in Bloom is a sequel to Eight Cousins, and was written in 1876. An outrageous period piece, a glowing testament to goodness and sweetness winning out over all odds. Wonderfully written, and the characters so lifelike that I feel as if I should really meet them somewhere. Read this book for the marvelous picture it paints of family life and social customs. Lastly, read it for the advice Rose’s uncle gives her, especially when she's immersed in the pages of a French novel.

A truly amazing book, that which has left an indelible impact on my life. I've learned lots from it, and I want to learn more :)

*slips back into sweet reflection*


Anonymous said...

hi Stephie! haha i didn't know you were another Little Women fan! nice novel, huh? =) let's see...i think the 3 best words that describe are "The Influential" (remember??), "The Spontaneous" and "The Cheerful" ;)

Stephie said...

MX! I know it's you! I could tell by the way you wrote..ha! WHY anonymous?! :D C'mon, remember the other option. You seriously haven't forgotten that, haven't you? lol. See ya around girl :D