Thursday, January 3, 2008

As I have promised...

BEHOLD: here, are my resolutions. I was debating on whether or not to post them up here. And so, before you is what I have already (finally!) decided on. Keep me in check: all of you.

1. Place GOD 1st. in every aspect of my life.

2. Develop an intimate relationship with the Lord.

3. Throw myself into my studies, music, etc. etc. (Basically being ardent in 'most everything)

4. Be able to visualize what I want to accomplish, instead of wandering around aimlessly as I am prone to sometimes. Focus. Discipline.

5. Be the best daughter, sis, friend, student, server, and servant- leader I can ever be.

6. Make this year a year worth living for. The Year of Stephie.

7. Finally, face the year with intrepid determination.

Never settle for less once you've seen the best :D

And sooo, that's 'bout it. Catcha later, people! All the best with your resolutions....naturally. Haha!

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