Sunday, December 30, 2007

La la dee da da ya da...

Ok, I know. It sounds awful. The title, I mean. So, I'll just post up these pictures and let your breezy imaginations soar as high as the sky :D (the last sentence: for poetical justice. lol.)

A few of the girls caroling: at Auntie Suelina's.

Hui Li, Hui ern....and Mabelle - with da candy canes. lol

Oh oh look! It's Rebecca, me, and Michelle. *wheee!*

Robert, Jerome, and Alvin the chipmunk. Haha!

MX and Steph. And somehow, I like this picture the best :)

Yes. We carolled at um...five places. Auntie Fiona's, Mrs. Tan's, a restaurant (I forgot the name, lol.), Auntie Sue's, and finally... my house. I slept at a shocking 3am+ that night/morning.

Tired out. But happy :)


MX said...

i lllloooooooovvvvvveeeeeee that pic of the 2 of us!! it's everywhere lol in friendster and facebook hehe. yeah, i slept real late that night too. my mom was quite surprised that we got done so late.

bunnyemoticonmaniac said...

I was browsing through your blog and found the pic of Hui Ern.


(THAT'S how she looks like NOW?)

Whatever (^_^)