Saturday, December 22, 2007

In the whirl of life..

This whole week...has been tremendous. Yes, that is the word ;) It has been a totally shocking, wild ride. Unimaginably implausible. Undetectably recreational. has driven my whole being into a complete, contemptible joke.

1. We've been having rehearsals for the Messiah concert this whole week. Every night. Welll, almost :D

2. Went to MPH with Mei-Xian. And guess what?! We met Edwin! Haha...helped him to find some khakis he wanted to buy for someone :) Checked out some books. Books, books, books. AND CDsssss! And Christmas cards!

CD wishlist:
Joshua Bell
Il Divo - all the albums
Andrea Bocelli
Charlotte Church. No wait, I have all I want. From her. lol.
Josh Groban
James Galway!
....and more I'm sure *laughs*

3. Dr. Denison made me play for one of the rehersals. Another joke. I was so tense. Everybody had a good laugh on that. T'was fun :D

4. Practiced caroling for Sunday.

5. Had a mini concert during divine service today. Everybody was so confused with the order of the songs. Ohh well...

Tonight: Rehearsal again
Sunday afternoon: Rehearsal with the orchestra.
Sunday evening: warm-up for caroling
Sunday night: Caroling :)
Monday morning: Work at Dad's clinic.
Monday afternoon: Rehearsal and warming up.
Monday evening: THE CONCERT

Ahem...I desperately neeeed a break. That's what holidays are for right? ;)

*signs off*

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