Thursday, November 29, 2007

I neeeeed... organize my activities. I have way too many things going on. Little, seemingly 'unimportant' activities have imperceptibly seeped into my life. And besides, I need to brush up on my organizing skills :)

Sooo, lemme see what I've gotta do.

1. Practice tomorrow at church for Tammy's wedding

2. Finish my essay on the significance 'the meaning of my name'. I need some introspection here ;)

3. And, that reminds me: send in the Telos application form along with the essay. (Deadline December 6)

4. Revise high school Chem/Bio

5. Write report on WWII

6. Practice piano, violin, & flute as much as everyone thinks I should be

7. Arrange for transport tomorrow (ahhh, that means now!)

8. exerciseeee

9. Sort out my math papers *grimaces*

10. Prepare for the mini concert (Dec 2)

11. Organize my room. More specifically: my desk

12. Get all those vocab words down pat

13. Play/experiment around with pretty words. Hahaha..

14. Be sweet to my lil bro. Which...haha, I always am. (most of the time, anyway. lol.) Apparently, he doesn't think so. egh, high maintenance :D. Eugene, dear..I DON'T mean it!! You are and will always be my favorite little bro. Haha, but of many brothers do you think I have?!

15. Tammy's Wedding (Dec 9)

16. Read up on the Baroque Period ( Personal Deadline: Dec 3)

17. Know the form and style of Beethoven's Sonata no. 14

18. Study & listen to Shubert's impromptus. Take down notes.

19. Email Aunty Stacey and Shannon

20. Write to Carolyn, Sharmaine...and the rest :)

21. Messiah Concert (Dec 24)

22. Watch National Geographic, Travel & Living, and and and....the Home and Health Channel!

23. Study Daniel and Revelation in a more detailed way.

24. Practice accompaniment for Dr. Denison's voice workshop

25. Join Dalat's library. yay.

26. Get ready for pre-SAT

27. Focus. Focus. Focus.

28. Church pianist (Dec 8)

29. Determine when I can help out in Dad's clinic :)

30. CLEP prep course (ENGL096) starts: Jan 24, 2008

31. Make a list of books to get in Singapore

32. Get new contacts

33. Andrea's birthday! (Dec 9)

34. Choose song for Edwin's special music (Personal Deadline: Dec 4 ; Special music: Dec 29)

35. Arrange a day where I can go out with MX :D

36. Anddd, MX, I need to borrow your music history textbook! Have you found it yet?! XD

Whew, I knew I had a lot inside me! Ugh, I'm sure there's more....but that's way enough from me now at the moment :) hmmm...I better stop allowing anymore things to creeeep into my todo list. OR else, my already decaying gray matter will utterly disintegrate into smithereens. Ahh...just kidding. Lol.

I guess that's all for now. Tune in next time! Byeeee...

*runs off*


$hu said...

OMG, sweetie!
*chokes with jealousy*
Now why can't I sort out my stuff like that? I have a gazillion things to do but I procrastinate til' I require serious yelling from everyone. Gosh, I so need to heed your example.
Love ya, dear. And good luck with the many things to get done. XD

Stephie said...

Shu: haha...thanks to my mom. She's always organized. ALWAYS. So maybe some of her most excellent character has rubbed off onto me. Lol. Anyways....I'm highly skilled in the masterful art of procrastination. Too good at it for my own good, in fact. This very post is a perfect example of my skill. Believe it, I've been putting it off for ages. Glad I got it done :)