Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Hike

A bunch of us went hiking yesterday. You seee, we were getting kinda bored and restless during the hols and therefore proceeded to do something that would propel our dormant selves into instant motion. Eg. hiking :) Anyhow, we meant to hike from Youth Park to point 84 or something. Meant to. We, however, inadvertently ended up dragging ourselves all the way up to Penang Hill. THEN, we meant to take a tram down. AND.....we ended up trailing downhill neverendingly, mile after mile, step after weary step - four times the distance of what we had originally planned. Finally, we reached land. Sweet flat land! I could have kissed the ground, except of course, I wouldn't :) Ohh...but it was totally awesome. I dunno, but I always feel strangely refreshed and superbly alert after a hike. (I had a fantastic flute lesson after that) See?! haha...

Great accomplishment Jue and Andrea!!! I remember having that triumphant sensation of accomplishment after I hiked that distance the first time. Keeeeep it uppp! :D

Oh, and thanks guys for the great, great day! It was a great, great hike :)


$hu said...

That sounds like loads of fun! Didn't know you like outdoorsy stuff too. lol. Keep up the posts! It's like I'm meeting you all over again. Haha. See ya, sweetie.

MXgirl said...

i wish i could go :( too bad i had school...i love Penang Hill! :D