Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Garry's wedding

OK, I'll have to admit that this is little late to post about Garry's wedding, but circumstances didn't allow me to do it earlier. SO, it's late..but nevertheless...

To cut the long story short, the wedding was fantabulous. Everything went well. Everybody was happy (at least I thought the majority was). I WAS HAPPY. Ahh, see? I can be clear and succinct if I want to. Unlike my last post. I do like my other way of writing though :) Oops, off topic. Sigh..this happens to me from time to time. Sporadically. Instances when I need my concentration most. Unfortunate, isn't it? I really need to ameliorate myself :)


*pulls thoughts back into place*

OK. Garry's wedding. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I'm gonna post PICTURES. Here they are!

The FRIENDS. Ahh..but where are the men?

OK..there they are!

The newlyweds. Sweet, aren't they? ;)

The musicians.

The Pathfinders! Boy, were they smart that day :)

That's it in a nutshell. Too bad the pictures were all taken after the wedding. Oh well, better than nothing :)

Unfortunately, my flute got cold in the middle of the wedding. I was playing my violin and I placed my flute beside me. Inactive. Exposed to the 'destructive' air-con. I didn't have time to warm it up when it was time to play it. therefore produced flat, muted sounds. I thought so. My friends denied it anyway. Haha...and I was more than happy to believe them. Yesss...thanks to the mic!

All in all, it was an auspicious day.

*smiles happily*

Till the next post! :)


$hu said...

Sounds cool. Honestly? I can't imagine what it's like to be home-schooled. It must be awfully liberating. Ahhh... I can just imagine it.
*eyes glinting*
Have fun, sweetie. We need to meet up one day k? Wonder how many times I've said that. lol.

~MX~ said... same here. the last-minuteness really drained me out..BUT it was good surprisingly lol :D the pic of the PFs is nice..Edwin looks so blur :P

J!mMy said...

Nice pic there steph... Where is the wedding held at???? We really nid 2 meet lolz... Along with $hu also.. hahax... Take care ya Steph..