Friday, November 9, 2007


As the title of this post clearly states: I am....Overwhelmed. Yes, you read that. Stephanie is overwhelmed. Unbelievable isn't it? I hardly ever come to being so....stressed. Not physically, but mentally. Yah, well, inundating a little to the the physical side as well :) whatever. The main point is: I am overwhelmed. (why do I take so long to stress one simple point?)

Ah well, anyway, I guess it was all my fault for not checking the schedule that is pasted on the cupboard right in front of me when I wake up in the morning. Soo, I just found out that have to play for church the very next day. Tomorrow. I think I hyperventilated. Ok...that was a little too dramatic. Eh, close to that anyhow :D

The story does NOT end here.

I went for practice (the first one for this song) with the Friends on Thursday. And guess what? I am soo not ready. The song we're doing is for a wedding that is going to take place on - SUNDAY, two measly days from now. SO, I practiced and practiced and practiced. I guess it finally evened out. Thank goodness. AND, there's gonna be ensemble practice for the wedding tomorrow evening. Oh, the joy. Practice again. haha..I'll be relieved when this weekend is over.

There's something about it though. Even in the midst of all this busyness, I still seem to enjoy it. Odd, that. You may repudiate it, but it's true. Seriously. Ahh..symptoms of my passion. Music. Indefatigable energy. It just fits. (what did I just write earlier?) *smiles sheepishly*

Still, at the end of the day, when everything's done (OR, at least you refuse to believe otherwise lol), you feel....satisfied. The warm, tingly sensation inside. Life, truly is rewarding when you are passionate about the things you do.

OK, I'll end this post here. Now, with a better frame of mind. Wheeeee!


Anonymous said...

hehe..u sound just like me :D

$hu said...

Heya, Steph. Gosh, it's weird to call you Steph - I remember even back in primary, you were always 'Stephanie', to me anyway. lol. Anyway, love ya. See ya around.

Stephie said...

Shu: hehe..I get what you mean. We HAVE to meet up sometime to strengthen the old bonds - which weren't really strong to start with anyway lol. Sadly so..sigh. Miss you loads. really.
xoxoxo :)

MX: What's with the anonymous thingy?! lol...I could tell it was you by the way it was written. ANYWAY, you were the 1st one to know about this blog :) So...WHO else could it be? hehe..see you! :D